Thursday, April 07, 2016

Art in Bloom; North Carolina Museum of Art April 2016, Part One

I went with a group from my old neighborhood today, to tour the NCMA's Art in Bloom.  Various art works are chosen to be represented in flowers, and floral designers come in to do the work. I am not sure how they choose which art works or how the people are chosen.  When I was volunteering with the museum, I tried, without success, to get them to consider doing this program, since other museums across the country were doing it and having great feed back and makeing lots of money. However, the conservationists were too worried about having bugs introduced to the museum through untreated flowers and supplies, so they would never agree to it. It made me sad.  But I am happy that they have seen the light, so to speak, and allow it now.  

I took many photos, and I assumed it would be easy to remember who did what. Boy, was I ever wrong about that. I do remember a few things that were done by people with whom I am acquainted. So I will post the photos for you and mention the floral designer where I can. I apologize for not being more specific with all of them.  Our group:  
A rendition of a Madonna

Red flowers and branches. The painting it represented was all gray, so we couldn't figure out why red was used. 

An all succulent arrangement.

A cactus in the skull eye socket, part of a tableau that was an interpretation of a painting by a western painter whose name I can't remember now. 

By Doug Odom, an interpretation of a Frank Stella abstract. We thought using a tire was ingenious!!

Another by Doug Odom, all greenery and succulents.

A construction by Cydney Davis-English of The English Garden, honoring the portrait section of the museum of art. 

A beautiful spring arrangement, part of a construction by Cydney Davis-English of The English Garden.

A beautiful arrangement by Ginger and Renee of The Flower Cupboard in Cary, NC

A gold box with pave flowers around the base. This was the back side. 

Me, standing beside a video showing me, part of the construct by Cydney Davis-English. Cydney interviewed me, along with others, about the flower business. Unfortunately  (or perhaps fortunately) no one could hear any of it. 

An interpretation of one of the most loved paintings at our museum, shown next.

I apologize for lopping it off in the middle, but there were so many people around, it was hard to get a clear shot of anything. This is "The Garden Parasol" by Frederick Carl Frieseke

I think this was was depicting a sculpture, but I can't be sure.
I wish that I could have gotten a good photo of every piece and the art it represented, but due to the crowds, it was not possible. I will try to get another post up soon, showing the remainder.


Star said...

Very cool . I look forward to more photos.

sage said...

It's been years since I've been there--beautiful photos, it looks to be an interesting exhibit.

Granny Annie said...

The arrangements I have seen that you made are every bit as lovely (if not more so) than these.