Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Neighborhood Pot-Luck Christmas Dinner

Our old neighborhood women have a fabulous pot-luck dinner every December, which is attended by anywhere from 25 to 35 women. Maybe you remember my previous posts about it.

The 2015 dinner was held one Tuesday night in a lovely, well-appointed home. The hostess outdid herself with decorating and preparing for a large number of people. Her dining room table seats 24 people (I think), and the rest eat in the kitchen or living room.  We coordinate what we are bringing, so that we don't end up with duplications or too many desserts.

The gift exchange was done differently this year; no stealing unless mandated by the leader. I thought it was more fun the old way - but time consuming for certain!

Every year we say we need a neighborhood cook book and this year there were several good additions; if we had one. I have to find out how Julie did her beets - as they were scrumptious!  My "cheese dreams" appetizer was a big hit - thank Heavens!!  If you want to make it, google for the recipe or search on You'll be glad you did - even though it is labor intensive.

I took a few photos, but at the moment they are unavailable to me. My computer died a week ago and my grandson came to my rescue. He wiped it clean and now the pics are on an external hard drive - until he can put them on here again.  Thank God for handsome grandsons who are adept with computers!!

Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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sage said...

Glad you were able to go back for the potluck. Have you moved in yet?