Wednesday, December 02, 2015

NC Governor's Mansion Christmas Decor 2015

This is the first time I have worked since January of 2013; due to my heart valve problems and subsequent surgery. To say I had missed doing it misses the mark by leaps and bounds. I craved getting back into it. But three days full were enough to make me realize I am going to have to pack it in, so to speak. My age has caught up with me where working is concerned. I can no longer stand on my feet and work for hours, as I used to. It pains me to say that; but at 75 I must retire. But I will be forever grateful for the people who made it possible for me to arrange flowers and do weddings and  Christmas decorating - it is the love of my work life - and I really hate giving it up. I suppose I will still make wreaths and silk arrangements from time to time - or fresh flowers when I have a need. From now on, I must rely on my memories of past weddings and Christmas decor, and what I have been allowed to do at our Governor's Mansion will remain among my favorite of all. This is my 13th or 14th year of doing it; I have been fortunate enough to work for 2 different florists there, and five different governors (both political parties). It is the best place in the city to work and I will certainly miss it in years to come. Now, here are the photos I have taken this year:

The gentlemen's parlour. Trustees do the
lights and volunteers do the ornaments.

newel right, by Judy Carrino.

Foyer right, by Judy Carrino

Foyer left, by Pam Hartigan.

China closet top, by Pam Hartigan

Door wreaths, by Mel Day

Men's parlour mantel by Mel Day

Ladies' parlour tree with two volunteers

Library book case, by Pam Hartigan

Ladies' parlour mantel by Mel Day

I will post the rest another day - hope you enjoy seeing them.


tiff said...

All gorgeous, but the ladies' parlor mantel is truly spectacular. I really also like the free-flowing and asymmetrical designs. Y'all did great work!

Star said...

If this is your floral farewell, it is a good one. just beautiful !

Celia said...

Lovely Judy. Agree with Tiff the ladies' parlor mantel is a dreamy masterpiece.

Betty said...

Beautiful. I know you will miss it, but retirement isn't all bad.

John said...

Beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

Dear Judy it is a wise woman who knows when to make a graceful exit and carry on with the next phase of her life. Knowing you, you will still have a rich and fulfilling one and you are blessed to have a loving husband and family to share it with.
The photographs are a wonderful testament to the beauty you have created.
Here's to the next exciting chapter.xoxoxox

joared said...

Lovely decorations! Can appreciate your reluctance at leaving work. Too bad you couldn't somehow work part time, or just a few hours though I must confess I had been working only part time, a few hours not always every weekday, could have continued to do so, BUT ... this is the second year since relinquishing being on call every day that I've chosen not to work at all. Now the question is, do I allow my license and certifications to lapse? I have such mixed feelings, yet enjoy the lack of responsibility. Do listen to your body and take good care of your health. You're such a talented lady, I'm sure you'll readily adjust to a new retired life style.

Julia said...

Judy- I'm a reporter with WRAL-TV. I would love to sit down and talk with you about your experience decorating the governor's mansion. Please call me if you're interested. 919-410-5498 Julia Sims

Ginnie said...

I've always loved your arrangements and I sure hope you take up the folks at WRAL-TV to be interviewed. You are photogenic (that I know by meeting you and taking your picture) and I'm sure you have wonderful memories from all the different Governors. Go for it !! I'll be watching for it.

kenju said...

Thanks, Ginnie. I have such a bad cold right now that my voice sounds like gravel pouring out of a cement mixer. I also told her that she would need to contact my boss and see what he thought about it before I would consider doing it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh no I read these 2 posts the wrong way round. I'm so sorry you are retiring, but as Pat so rightly said, here's to the next chapter in your life.

sage said...

I am sorry to hear that you are retiring. I've looked forward to your Governor Mansion posts every Christmas--it was a connection back to the Old North State. Thanks for sharing these photos and enjoy the next stage in life--one day I'm going to be in Raleigh when you are there and we'll have to meet.

kenju said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! And Sage, I am counting on that someday!