Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our Trip to New York, Part Two

 From the top of the new One world Observatory, atop the World Trade Center
Tower; it was very crowded and hard to get up to the windows to see out and take photos. We went to the top of the old WTC when our children were small, and I think the views from that building were easier to get your mind around. They had line diagrams on the windows to show you what the buildings were. In this one, you have to sort that out by yourself. Or maybe we just didn't have the right guide.

This is the entry to the security line, where you have to place your purses, cell phones, cameras, keys, etc., in the X-ray, just as at an airport.

In the third photo up from the bottom, the


robin andrea said...

These are great photos. Love seeing the view from up there, especially today, on the 14th anniversary of that terrible day. The view is peaceful, calm, and beautiful.

sage said...

Great photos, we didn't go up in any of the buildings when I was in NYC in June.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

These are all such WONDERFUL Pictures, Judy.....The View from up at the top there is really and truly breath-taking!