Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Trip to New York, Part Four

As I said before, our daughter is the best tour guide ever. She drove us all over lower and mid-town Manhattan. We went down Broadway, where she used to live, and saw Trinity Church
, her building,
and the Wall Street bull,
which was almost totally surrounded by people. After we toured the WTC, we went to have a late lunch/early dinner at Vincent's,
a fixture in Little Italy since 1904. It sits on the corner of Mott and Mulberry Streets.

I ate eggplant Parmesan
, daughter had rigatoni Bolognese
and Jim had a meatball sandwich.
 All of it was so good!  Midway through the meal we heard the sounds of an orchestra tuning up. At the end of the block, a bandstand was set up and a large group of musicians and a soloist began to serenade all the diners and passersby.  The soloist sounded so much like Frank Sinatra that it was hard to believe it wasn't him. I didn't get the name of the group, but we really enjoyed hearing them. While I was never a big fan of Frank, the songs he sang are among my favorites. 

When dinner was over, we walked across the street and two of us had Chinese foot massages. The other two had back massages.
Afterward, all relaxed and refreshed, we returned to our hotel and the comfy beds. It did not take long to get to sleep!   I am going to post some miscellaneous pics, with no commentary:

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

A Great City! I've so enjoyed your visit, my dear Judy.