Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Indy 500 - in my Bedroom!

Last night, Moppet, our new kitten seemed sleepy as I went upstairs to bed. She followed me, and watched while I got ready for sleep, and then jumped up onto the bed with me. All was well until 2 a.m.

At that point, she began to race all over the bedroom, bathroom and closet. On the bed, off the bed, run to the closet. Onto the bed again, jumping from place to place like a baby goat. Chasing my feet and hands under the covers; making me cover my face and head as she jumped - claws out - all over me. After she tired of that, she began the racing though the rooms again. I thought she'd never tire herself out, but she did; and burrowed under the covers and stretched out alongside my belly, purring loudly. I was tired of her shenanigans, but who can remain mad at a sweet, soft, silky kitten who purrs so loudly that her whole body vibrates?  Surely not me. 

She slept for about 2 hours, while I tried to close my eyes and rest, but sleep eluded me. At 4am, she started the Indy 500 again and made a fool of herself and me for another hour. Finally, at 5 am, she appeared to have run out of steam, so we settled in for another round of sleep. That time, we were both successful at it and I slept until 7:15 or so, before being awakened by mr. kenju, who was bellowing at the top of his lungs.

Mr. kenju walks with a cane and is none too steady on his feet. Every single time he attempts to walk up or down our stairs, Moppet takes it as her personal challenge to trip him up. She will race to the stair where he is, and defiantly sit on the step below it or above it - whichever direction he is going. If he places his cane on another step, she grabs at it with teeth and paws. we have no idea why she does this - perhaps she thinks it is a game. He hollers out and I have to go and hold her until he gets to his destination. Once he is on another level, she leaves him alone - unless he decides to use his walker. The wheels on the walker fascinate her and she will get under the walker and paw at the wheels whenever it moves. He doesn't want to run over her paws, so he stops until I can remove her. It is funny, in a way, but he doesn't think so. I spend all my time retrieving and holding the cat so she doesn't make him fall down, or fending off her claws, or playing with her.

I have a cute photo to share with you  (if you have not already seen it on Facebook.)

Here, she rests on my legs while I surf the web. Most of the time I have to bat her off the laptop keyboard. She loves to sleep on it.

We have a love-hate relationship with this kitten; but mostly love. We do wish she'd grow up a bit faster. She rips the heck out of my skin daily; my knees, hands and wrists are full of bruises and scratches. So far, she has not done that to mr. kenju - which for her safety - is a very good thing. I shudder to think what he might do if she scratched him like she does me.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

She is so very very adorable! You are very brave to have a Kitten in your----household----they are so filled with endless energy---I LOVED your INDY 500 analogy----A Perfect! I miss having a Cat, but I really cannot take care of any animal at this stage of my life---Moppet sounds like a very fun kitty----And makes me wish I could have another cat in my's just not possible.

I am not on Facebook so I hope you show us some more pictures of your dear little one, here on your blog.

kenju said...

I will, Naomi, and I'll also send some to you in email.

Pat said...

I think Mr Kenju deserves a medal:)

Celia said...

Ah yes, the keyboard, right where your attention is and its often warm on a laptop.

Anonymous said...

Cat psychology? Why do they do all that? Never ceases to amaze me!

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm not sure I'd be so patient with your new kitten if she started to bite and scratch me! I do remember the kitten stage with our two cats and it was exhausting. So good luck with that! :D