Thursday, July 16, 2015

An update to yesterday's post

This morning, my grandson (who is staying here a few days) went downstairs to look for the mama cat. What a surprise he found - six newborn kittens. 

Call me astounded to the nth degree!  Mr. Kenju nearly had another stroke when he found out.  None of us had any idea that cat was pregnant, having just given birth 13 weeks ago. 

So, can you believe it, we went from 2 cats to 8 in one night. 

I had invited my older daughter here for dinner tonight, along with the whole family, to celebrate her birthday, which was yesterday. I cooked pork tenderloin,  scalloped potatoes, green beans, watermelon and cuke salad with hot rolls. I discovered about 4pm that I had forgotten to bake her birthday cake; after the kittens were found it was sort of hectic here, as you might imagine.  Luckily, my younger daughter stopped at Sam's and bought a triple chocolate fudge cake and it was soooooo good!!  The children had a good time going downstairs to see the new babies, and they played with the 13 week-old kitten all day. Poor thing is so tired now. 

I think this day will stand out in all our memory books for a long time!! Now I have to find out how to care for a cat who is a new mama! 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW!!! That is incredible....! As to how to take care of Mama.....just make sure she gets plenty of food for herself and she will know exactly what to do for her Kittens, She may move them all---a few times----just to find a safer place, or a place where she can just stay real close to them and she will feed them as often as needed---and she will teach them how to do everything.....! It's amazing to see how a Mama Cat knows what to do----instincts are just built in. CONGRATULATIONS on your now very large Cat Family....! They sound so adorable....! What a Surprise, my dear!

lucylocket said...

When my son brought home a "poor" cat who needed some food, I quickly realized she was here to stay. I took her to the vet to be spayed. After he examined her, he said, "We'll have to wait on the spaying. She's going to have kittens in a few days." I actually watched her give birth and that cured my cat phobia. What pleasure kittens give!

Arkansas Patti said...

Goodness , when you decide to go back in the pet business, you don't mess around. Naomi had some great advice. Extra food is important for she is feeding 8 now.
My vet use to say that it is really hard to catch a cat when she is NOT pregnant.

Celia said...

Mama mia, six little kittens. Wow, Ms. Kitty is efficient. They are awfully darned cute but don't let her out of the house ;-0

Ginnie said...

Did you think your mama kitten was getting fat on the good food you gave her? She sure fooled you.

Pat said...

Judy I think you are one of those rare persons who thrive on hard work.