Friday, October 03, 2014

Odds and Ends

Not much whining today........but some hopes and a wee bit of regret.

It seems that my "possible" surgeon, his office and our insurance company have come to terms and each will cover the other, so to speak. Hallelujah.

I have an appointment in the middle of October with this surgeon, so I may know something soon about my future. 

An acquaintance of mine, one whom I have always wanted to know better, is not well, and not expected to be here much longer. I will always regret not actively pursuing her verbal invitations for lunching together. We did it once or twice over the years, but not enough. She is a brilliant woman; smart, attractive, funny and compassionate.  Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from this:   don't wait to act on something you'd really like to do. There is not always time.......even though you may think there is.

Drinking a high-protein drink everyday is packing pounds on me and I am unable to exercise enough to balance it out.  All my pants are too tight and I refuse to buy the next larger size. Aargh.   (well, maybe that was a  Of course, it might help if I eschewed dessert now and then, or pushed away from that second helping of potatoes. But is life worth living if you can't have anything you like to eat - especially if food is your only vice?  I think not. 

Movies are something I seldom see, unless they are on TV, but one is coming out today that I promised myself I would see on the big screen. It is "Gone Girl."  I read the book a few years ago and I really have to see how the did the movie. And one of my boyfriends is in it: Ben Affleck.  He's so nice to watch - even with the sound off - LOL. I deserve a treat, don't you think? After all my medical complaints and snafus? Ben and a big box of popcorn.....
sounds like a good afternoon, doesn't it. 


kenju said...

I did go and see the movie this afternoon. No popcorn

Arkansas Patti said...

Glad you got the two factions to agree. That takes some of the stress out.
Hope the movie lived up to your expectations. It is really getting great hype. I may even cave.