Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Seventy-four. Yikes. 

When the Beatles came out with "When I'm Sixty-four", the idea of reaching that number was unthinkable to me......something I could not (at that time) fathom. Then 64 came and went without incident and 74 was a number unknowable, unthinkable, looming in the future. And now here I am. 

I said earlier today that every day spent above ground is a good one  and I will maintain that thought as long as possible.

Lately, it hasn't been easy. I am used to being active; used to working at least a few days a week, used to being able to shop "till I drop"  (without dropping) but that has not been a possibility for months now. The docs tell me that I will feel 75% better after my surgery. Please, God, let it be so. Until that time, I am resting (and not at all happy about it).  

The surgery is scheduled for November 14th. 


Celia said...

Keeping you gently in my thoughts and prayers. My former husband's heart surgery brought amazing changes in both health and energy. So hard the waiting part.

Celia said...

And happy birthday.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Happy Birthday, dear Judy.......I wish you ALL the best, my dear....And I echo all your thoughts about age and the things that can happen as time goes on.....I know how life can change in a finite way and then, suddenly excelerate, as time goes by....I am almost ten years older than you and "Stuff Happens" as they say.....And it isn't easy....I pray that your operation is a complete success and that it will give you many many more years of living a full life, my dear.

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to you. And, wishing you the very best possible outcome on the 14th.

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday Judy, you are just a year behind me.
I am pretty sure the surgery will add a lot of bounce to your step and re-add shopping till you drop to your resume. Also it should make that dropping part come much later in the day.
May the 14th bring you lots of new vigor.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your operation restores your vigor and you will be able to shop 'til you drop for many more years.

Granny Annie said...

Happy Birthday To You Judy-Poo:) Count yourself among the ageless. You look so wonderful and it is amazing to even try to believe you are 74.

Thoughts, prayers, concern and love go with you as you approach your surgery and for when you are through it and back to better than ever.

Miss Dazey said...

Happy Birthday!
I just read your great story about your Grandmother on Ronni's blog. Loved it!

PS: I am on Facebook as Linda Crim. I would appreciate being able to follow you there too.

sage said...

Happy birthday and prayers for your surgey