Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Very Good Day......Until...

Why on earth did I decide to go to the mall on Sunday?

The day started out well; we left before noon to have lunch with Mel (my employer and friend) and his family, who were celebrating his mama's 94th birthday, his sister-in-law Pat's birthday (the 2nd)  and mine, as well (even though mine was last week). This is the 3rd year Mr. kenju and I have been invited to the family gathering, and we are so pleased to be included. 

Mel makes the main course and we all contribute something to the meal. I made two apple pies, and we had London broil, mushrooms, lima beans, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, grape salad, rolls, 2 cakes and tea or coffee. The food is always fresh and delicious and today was no exception. 

We left Mel's and took the scenic route home, so Mr. kenju, who claims he is all too often a "prisoner" at home, could see some of Raleigh. On the way, I had what I must now call a brain fart.....and decided to drop Mr. kenju off at home and go to the Apple store at the mall. My phone has been messing up since I downloaded OS7. 

I must tell you that I hate malls with a passion accorded to little else in my life and this one in particular is a killer. I have only been there once this year. Why I decided to go there on Sunday, I will never know. It took 10 minutes driving around to find a parking spot. The crowds inside approached the levels we see during after-Christmas sales  (and yes, they are fully decorated for Christmas already, another one of my peeves.)

The Apple store looked like Times Square in NYC or M Street in Georgetown at 2am, which, if you haven't been to either, would shock you to see the numbers of people milling about at that hour. Just as I located a clerk to advise me about the phone, I received a call, which I took; moving me to "the back of the line" with the Apple associate. After waiting longer, she checked my phone and found that the "zoom" setting was on, making the numbers/letters on the phone too large to control. I am not sure how that happened.....but anyway, she fixed it. If the phone continues to mess up in the near future, I will take it back and let them put it on their diagnostic tool. I walked around the mall for a bit, dodging crowds, and finally found my way to my car. 

The phone call I took in the store was Mr. kenju; telling me that he started reading the newspaper we got today and kept having a sense of deja vu. He checked the date and it was last week's paper!  How weird!  I am going to call the paper tomorrow morning and complain. Considering how much we have to pay for it, I'd like to know we're going to receive the current issue, not one from a week ago. It's always something......isn't it?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

You had a day! It began great.....and then came "the Mall"! You are very brave to go on a Sunday....And The Apple Store sounds HORRENDOUS!
I hope you get the paper problem straightened out, my dear....! As you is always something. An old friend of mine use to say, "If it isn't one thing, it's TEN!!!!"

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that was weird with the newspaper!

The Apple shop is quite an experience isn't it? It's the one place I go where I come out feeling about 100 years old. Every one is so young. :D

Granny Annie said...

All in all it sounded like a pretty good day. You had beautiful fellowship and wonderful food with friends, you did get your phone fixed and receiving last week's paper might be one for the history books plus you learned a valuable lesson about NEVER going to the mall on Sunday.

Gilly said...

Sundays are always manic around shops etc. here! But how odd about the newspaper! Hope you sorted it out, got an apology (even if no explanation) and a refund!

But the food and party sounded really great!

robin andrea said...

We go to the mall maybe once a year, if that. It's always a nightmare. One of the things we noticed this last time we went was that it's never quiet. There's a crazy cacophony of sound in every store. We also had to go to the Apple Store (hence the visit). That place is utterly insane. I sat at the "Genius Bar" for 15 minutes watching geniuses in action. LOL!