Friday, October 04, 2013

Taken to Task

On Facebook, I posted a photo of a person I saw while shopping at a grocery store. It was in the nature of a "People of W*l-M*rt" email, but it wasn't taken in that store. 

I am old enough to know that one shouldn't make fun of others, though sometimes the way people  present themselves in public makes it almost impossible not to do so. My photo was snapped from behind, so there is no way to ID the person. If there had been any chance of ID'ing that person, I would not have posted it on this or any other site on any computer. 

Quite a few people left comments; some were rather neutral and others were quite deliberate in their ridicule. Some even suggested that the gender of the person is in question, and I will assert that that didn't even occur to me until someone else mentioned it first. 

The person who took me to task over it is a long-time blog and Facebook friend. I was surprised at her comments. I don't appreciate being "called on the carpet" for what is simply my opinion, but perhaps I needed to be made aware of what I had done. However, I was called a "bully" and I am not, nor have I ever been that. I believe that bullying is done face to face (or person to person (or group) on the computer, but the person who is being bullied is certainly aware of it. This person will almost certainly never know that anyone took a photo or posted it. If anyone recognizes this person and tells them about it - shame on them.  I am aware that it shows ridicule and is judgmental, but I don't think it is fair to say I'm a bully because of it. Perhaps that is my justification.  


OldLady Of The Hills said...

What was it you said, Judy? Or, maybe you don't want to reveal that---I'm not on Facebook so I would not have seen it....To me, just seeing the picture, she looks like someone who is a very individual person with her own personal style. And for whatever it is worth, I admire that.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Like I mentioned on FB, there's a magazine that's featured "Fashion Don'ts" for years. It's really no different. Heck, on "What Not To Wear", people make loads of money by stalking someone for 2 weeks and basically tearing down their entire wardrobe. If you're out in public, you're fair game.

Marilyn Erwin said...

She dressed that way in order to get attention. I don't think we ought to disappoint her!

Granny Annie said...

Every party has a pooper:)

Ginnie said...

I certainly would never call you a bully, Judy, but I do kind of think it would have been better not to have posted the picture, especially on Facebook. People are extremely sessitive and the knee socks alone would identify her ... even if it is a "back only" picture.

Peruby said...

Oh, hell. I would have taken the picture if I had seen this.

That neck makes me think this is a guy.

That person (he or she) is screaming for attention and not the good kind.

Gilly said...

Could be a guy - or a gal, but whoever he/she is, they are a real skinny one! But I like the socks!

I'm not on Facebook, so can't really comment - but I know you are a lovely kind person, Judy, and wouldn't be a bully at all!

Arkansas Patti said...

So that was you behind me? And yes I am a female":)) Kidding of course. Don't think I was ever that thin.
Love the socks and heels. You know she or he thought they were "lookin' good."
What happened to you is one of the reasons I steer clear of FB.

Margaret said...

Bullying requires you to have power or control over someone else and taking a photo from behind doesn't qualify for that. As a schoolteacher, we are trained constantly on what constitutes bullying and this isn't even close.

LL Cool Joe said...

Whoever it is looks great to me, an individual and we don't see enough of those in the world. I agree with Naomi.

And I'm sure many people take snap shots of me and take the piss too. And yeah it does hurt, but I'm used to it now.

Pat said...

I think it is fair comment.
If you dress like that it shows individuality and that you want to be noticed.
Don't beat yourself up about it.