Monday, September 16, 2013

Boy, Did I Make a Mistake!

Edited below!

Since posting a lot of belongings on Craigslist, I have gotten a few weird emails, from people purporting to be interested in the merchandise. Many of them had names so weird that I simply clicked them into the spam file, never to be seen again. 

But one caught my eye because the name was odd, but plausible. I opened it and along with a sentence or two about the table for sale, there was a link to a photo they wanted me to see. In a moment of weakness, I clicked the link - and immediately thought better of it and clicked out as fast as possible. Not fast enough, apparently. The spammer who sent that link found out I had a viable email address, and now I am being bombarded with email about the table (supposedly) but with names so obviously made-up that I am laughing every time I open my email. 

It is too bad that I got at least 15 of these before I started recording the names, but I've been keeping a list lately. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have:

Zenon Cunninghan   (yes, it had "n" not "m")
Villalta Storlie
Beus Guisbert
Carrel Colvard
Landborg Fowlston
Kagel Svinth
Heidbreder Mengel
Colangelo Vagundy
Hronek Zamorano
Bundage Keefer
Ueno Bosse

You wouldn't open an email like this, would you???

Two more good ones:
Ducrepin Dunklee and Poeppleman  Rombach

They just keep coming:
Knispel Bunten and Halford McMinn


Jay Simser said...

I like the name Bundage.. I must name something Bundage.

LL Cool Joe said...

Great names! And no I wouldn't open them, I'm very careful with the things I click on! You just have no idea what you are going to end up doing or seeing!

Granny Annie said...

Hey, I know Landborg Fowlston! jk:)

Craig's list doesn't show my email address when I list anything. Why does yours?

tiff said...

It's good you can enjoy the spam instead of just being outright annoyed by it!

Arkansas Patti said...

Aww, sorry you have been attacked. Those people need to learn that a solid name like George or Mary might get results.
Some look like they were just on the wrong home position while typing.:))

Celia said...

Like how you handled this with humor. I pretty much don't open anything anymore that I can't id.

Shephard said...

Landborg Fowlston... that's great.

Shephard said...

Landborg Fowlston. That's great.

Pat said...

My spammy lot you can spot a mile off. I'm not sure about those. are they rude?

Gilly said...

What a weird collection!! Some are really funny, as they are only just off being real ones (well, real American ones UK ones don't seem so odd. Not being rude - its the result of all the immigration to the US far back in history, I imagine) Any way, you are dealing with this spammer with humour - good thing!

Ginnie said...

Those are the happenings with the internet that, to me, are scarey. There are a lot of crazies out there.