Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Odds and Ends

Anthony Weiner and people like him (and their wives) should just go. away. and. stop. trying. to. be. in. the. public. eye. That is all.  

We had book club in the old neighborhood last night, and though I have only been gone for six days, it didn't really feel like home. I guess that's progress. We have been back to the old house nearly every day since we moved, to retrieve a few leftovers and take some stuff to the dump, or put out the trash and recycling bins. It was very nice, however, to see my friends and to be able to sit a while and talk. The last two weeks of my life have been very hectic and that won't stop for a while. 

Craigslist and I are becoming good buddies. After selling a console TV, an antique chandelier, 2 clothing racks, a desk and some office furniture, I am now listing a tripod, a chest of drawers, a paper sorter file, a refrigerator and a king-sized mattress set and frame. I have to keep running back to the house to show things, so I am very glad it is only 7 miles away.  Today is no exception, as I am meeting a guy there for the mattress set and a woman for the chest of drawers. 

We are still awash in unopened boxes, but they are downstairs or in the garage, so it doesn't look too bad in the main levels. One thing I definitely have too many of now is lamps. I didn't want to get rid of any until we moved, because I couldn't figure out which ones I'd want to use here in the new home. It is becoming clear that I can put 3-4 of them on Craigslist soon. Luckily, they will be here in the new home, so I won't have to go running every time someone wants to see them. 

In a few weeks, I'll be going to my 55th high school reunion. Sheesh.  How did that happen? In my mind, I'm about 28. How is it possible that I graduated from high school that long ago?  I'm sure that many of my old classmates are thinking along the same lines as we approach the reunion dates. But the funny thing is, once we are together, we turn back the clocks to 1958 again.....and it "feels so good" as the old song used to say.


Miss Dazey said...

I need lamps. I gave the ones in old house away. You have almost given me the courage to list a light fixture on Craigslist that we want to replace.

Don't worry about the boxes of stuff. Once they are opened and unpacked those things have to be put up. We ran out of places to put things long ago. I missed the big built in bookcases and huge china cabinet. But love my little house with no steps.

Celia said...

Wow, if the old 'hood seems strange already you must have been really ready for a move. I think I'm overdue too but am inert this summer.

I can't believe that weiner is running again. They've only been married three years I think Mrs. Weiner should ask for her money back.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

You are so organized Judy...! It's great that Craigs List has turned out to be such a wonderful outlet for all of these things...!

Anthony Weiner....HELP!!! It will be interesting to see what New Yorkers do in this Primary. They say that the Polls are such that most people don't care. My question: Do they care that he is a Liar?

Arkansas Patti said...

Good idea to wait till you furnished the new place to be sure what you don't need.
Good thing both places are that close. I only once went back to see my old place after the new owners got settled. I was shocked at what they had done to it but then I am sure the former owners of my place now wonder what in the world is she thinking. It is best to make a clean break.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I lived in your area, being the estate sale/garage sale/thrift shop maven that I am. I am searching for a prie dieu on Craigslist. Hope one turns up I can afford.

Gilly said...

You are doing really well on Craigslist, only I don't know what that is?

I think moving house is one of the most traumatic times there is!!

Enjoy your reunion, and being 28 again!!!

Ginnie said...

Hi Judy; my kids have had great luck with Craig's List. My son actually bought a great car there last year.
Try to not get overtired. You've made a huge change.

Carmi Levy said...

My late grandfather, who would ride his bike from one end of the big city to the other just to see us, used to say he was only as young as he felt.

I'm sure if he were still around today, he'd be able to easily put me in my place fitness-wise. What an example to follow.

You're a lot like he was, Judy. Here's to many more reunions.

Anonymous said...

I go on holiday for three weeks and your world changes! :lol: Enjoy the move and may it be a long and happy stay.

One of these days I must check out Craig's List. It might give me inspiration to do some clearing out!

Pat said...

I hope the worst is over for you.
What is happening to your old house. It must be empty if you can go and collet things?

Munir said...

Oh packing and unpacking can be tiresome, but if you take it a little slow, enjoy and have fun remenising it can be an interesting activity.