Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Will I Ever Learn?

Oh.......my aching back!

I brought it on myself. Y'all know we are moving soon. I am trying to move all the small stuff myself, so as to save a few bucks when we call the people who will move the large pieces of furniture. The last time we moved I did the same thing......but that was 31 years ago and I was a sweet young thing....I was 41 then. My back could take much more abuse and recover in a matter of hours. Now?  Not so easy. 

Over the weekend, my children and four of the grandchildren helped me pack and deliver to the new house. Yesterday, I had some time, so I loaded the van twice and took more stuff over there, carrying some of it to the middle and upper floors. Bad decision. I should have left it on the first floor, and cajoled someone else into carrying all of it to its eventual location. 

Last night, in bed, I went to sleep okay, but woke up 5 hours later with bad sciatica  (pain in the hip, knee and foot.) I got up and took some Adv*l; reclined in my chair and it went away. At 8:30 am, I had an appointment to take my car in for servicing. I waited there for an hour, and upon getting up, found I couldn't straighten up all the way - due to the pain across my waistline. I stayed that way all day, despite shopping, taking in a pool sample for testing, going to the pharmacy and getting into and out of the car all day long. Often, I can "work it out" by staying busy - but not today. I finally got desperate enough to put an ice pack on my back - which I should have done much earlier in the day. I knew that...but forgot to do it. 

The two car wrecks I have had  (people rear-ending me) in the last 4 years have taken their pound of flesh, so to speak. My once strong back is showing me, all too often, that it will not withstand the stresses I  subject it to on a daily basis. I am by nature an active person. Having to sit around nursing a bad back is not my idea of how to live life, nor is lying around with an ice pack on my tail. 

Where backs are concerned, time heals all - but I don't have a lot of time - since the move looms and there is still much to be done. Oh, WOE is me. 

Thanks for letting me rant and if I do it again anytime soon, somebody slap me silly and tell me to get on with life. 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I really feel for you Judy....And you have every right to 'rant', my dear.....Moving is a real pain in the back and everywhere else, too.....!
Maybe you should get a young guy out of school for the summer who would like to make a few extra bucks to help you with some of this...Sometimes, it ends up costing less, in the long run...Don't overdo, my dear.....!

Gilly said...

Judy, do start treating your back with a bit more respect!! You don;t want to end up like me, unable to walk without a crutch. Let others pack, move, carry and do all the things we used to be able to do without a thought when we were young!

Peruby said...

Ah, yes. Nothing like the old back to remind us how human we are.

I hate to admit it, but I am the same way. I ignore the rational thoughts and lift, pull, push and reach and stretch.

Then later it is , oh why? why? why?

Florence said...

It is so easy to just keep on going; after all, you've moved before. But oh my, how different it is now! Do take care of your back and let someone else do all the lifting up and putting down.

Arkansas Patti said...

Back problems seem to have an amnesia affect. We just forget they are lurking out there waiting for us to over do.
Do take care and put in those days needed to heal being a supervisor.

LL Cool Joe said...

Moving house is exhausting. My mother suffers will a terrible back so I know how awful it can be. Maybe you should leave the removal guys to do the work even if it does cost a bit extra. Your health is more important.

Pat said...

We all have to learn the hard way but puleeze - I have a dear friend with chronic back pain who can no longer stand up straight - Your health and mobility are the most precious gifts you have. You know this.
I will if you will:)