Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A DUH Moment....(or The Birth of an Idiot)

Do you have two checking accounts?  Have you ever recorded checks or deposits into the wrong account? 

For two months, I have not been able to figure out why one of the accounts wouldn't balance. I was off by $132 and it was maddening. I wracked my brain, re-added and subtracted all the amounts since the last time the account was in balance - and I still couldn't figure it out. 

After checking again and again, I discovered that a check for $32 I wrote in December had never been cashed or deposited. I emailed the person and asked her to deposit that check soon. She did. But I was still off by $100.

I pay a bill on-line; my gasoline card. I paid $100 on it two months ago and last month I paid again. Both payments were showing as paid on the gas card account, but the $100 payment was never deducted from my account. I debated contacting the gas card people and/or the bank, but decided to let it roll for a month or two to see what happened. (Thank Heaven I did wait....lol)

I checked my balance on-line this morning and decided to go through my check register once more. I found the line where I had written the amount I paid the gas card - and it hit me  (like a ton of bricks!)

DUH...... what a fool.  I had written it in both check registers!  Of course the account was in balance, because that $100 was not written on that account and never should have been put in the register. I feel like an idiot. What bothers me the most is that it took almost two months for me to realize what I had done. 

So.....sometime next week, I will be closing the account I seldom use, after I contact the gas card people to let them know I will be using a different account to pay that bill from now on. I think it is time for me to close it, even though getting cash is more convenient with that bank. We still have a joint account with them, so I can get cash if necessary. I just have to remember to tell him I did it....lol

Getting old is frustrating, right?

And in case you are wondering, it has been more than two weeks and I am still sneezing, coughing and not sleeping well. I hope you are able to skirt this virus. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I do have two checking accounts but only use one of them to pay ALL bills. I use the second one to transfer money to the main checking account. It would be too confusing for me to pay bills from both...! It is great that you realized what you had done, Judy.

robin andrea said...

I think I like the old ways of managing books better. The statement came, the checkbook register checked. It was all so simple. Now it's a mishmash of numbers in different places, and hardly a real piece of paper to consult.

Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well. Take care.

Bernie said...

Hahaha... That is PRICELESS!!! But not in a bad way (and NO, you're not getting old)... But more so, the length of time it took to find the issue!!

But I am SO glad it has been resolved!! lolol ;)

Granny Annie said...

We pay by automatic debit and for most purchases we pay by credit card. It is rare that we even write a check.

A friend of ours has a little boy that has been sick as long as you have. She took him back to the doctor today but they insist there is nothing to do but ride it out. I'm so sorry for anyone who gets this.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am old fashioned with one account and pay almost all my bills by check. However I keep lousy books for a former banker. Since I retired 10 years ago, I have never recorded annual increases in pensions and am still entering the same amount I got the first month of retirement. Thus,all the extras dollars go anonymously into a slush fund that I tap into on occasion. Basically, I only have a rough idea what my balance is. Scary huh?
You should not still be sick. Please take care and be better soon. Maybe you need to see a doctor?

Celia said...

Hope you're better soon. I can't imagine trying to straighten out two checkbooks while struggling with this nasty flu. Good for you for figuring it out.

Gilly said...

Oh dear - checking accounts can cause so much stress! I got well mixed up with some direct debits last month - and did I look an idiot!

There seem to be some very virulent bugs around this winter both sides of the Atlantic - makes one wonder just what is going on!

Peruby said...

I still have an issue with coughing when I go to bed. It is the drainage I think. I end up putting a cough drop in my mouth and falling asleep with it in there! I know - right?

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke thinking a tooth had come loose in my mouth. It was the tiny little bit of what was left of the cough drop. I am so goofy.

Good luck with getting rid of the rest of that nastiness. It really does linger on.

Pat said...

In my present position this is a horror story.
Even before MTL left me I decidedto leave the sums to people better able than me and just check all the items.
People who don't cash their checks are a pain. Grandchildren for example:)

Star said...

That would have kept me up at night . You can get cash back at lots of retail places now, with no surcharge . Makes life easier .