Sunday, February 17, 2013

Woe is Me...

You are invited to my pity party.....but I promise not to let it go on too long!!

In the past 7-10 days, the garage fluorescent ceiling lights burned out, and now the kitchen lights are flickering, which necessitates a trip to Home Depot to buy the U-shaped rods. Next time I buy a ceiling fixture, it will hold regular light bulbs!! In the past 10 days, at least 4 other bulbs have burned out. 

Last week, half of the 4-slice toaster gave up the ghost. Only 2 slots work and I cannot get the other side to catch and hold when I press the lever down. Ordinarily, I just have to shake out the crumbs and it will work, but not this time.  

Another leaky pipe has made its presence known; mr. kenju heard the spray  (either under the house or in the wall) and I found moist evidence. We turned off the breaker to the water pump  (which also controls the heat pump on the lower level), so we have no water and no heat on the first floor. When there is no water, we cannot flush toilets - so after three days - the bathrooms are getting rank. 

We called a plumber on Friday, who didn't return our calls and still hasn't. The last time we had him here, he was efficient, pleasant and cost-effective. We were disappointed when he didn't call. We called another plumber, recommended by a friend, who also didn't return our calls. A third call to a large plumbing concern elicited the same response. It is as if the world has decided to give us a very loud and messy raspberry. So, we called Bennie  (not his real name.) He said he would be here at 9am Sunday. 

Bennie is very nice "good old WV boy", who has fixed many a problem here. His specialty is heating and air, but like many of the good old WV boys I grew up with, including my dad, he can fix almost anything - and does it well. He takes pride in his work, plus he is kind and compassionate to older people. I was watching as his truck approached our driveway. He stopped and got out to get our newspaper. I was so pleased, since the driveway is likely slippery and I wouldn't have chanced going out to get the paper until I knew for certain I wouldn't fall. 

See, in all this mess, it decided to snow. We had been told that there would be no accumulation and it wouldn't stick on the roads, since our temperatures were up to 70* on Friday. The weather people predicted that the snow would start at 4 pm on Saturday, but it made its first appearance about 9 am. Fluffy large flakes of wet and messy snow that, as our temperatures dropped, turned to frozen slush on the roads. I left on a errand with my daughter about 10 am and saw first hand that the roads, especially in little-used areas were becoming slush-filled. 

We thought we might not get any plumber to come until all the snow was gone, but we should have known that a good old WV boy wouldn't let a 1" glazing of snow and ice bother him!! He thinks the leak is in the wall, but it is (past) time for that bathroom to be redecorated anyway, so if he has to tear out part of the wall, it gives me a perfect excuse to repaint and change the color scheme. (Not that I'm looking for things to keep me

In the middle of all this, I worked five days straight for Valentine's Day. I only lasted 5-6 hours each day, but I loved being there and I hope that I helped ease the stress of the busiest week in a florists's life. I even made it on TV. A local news anchor came to the shop with her camera man to interview the owner for a spot on Valentine's Day flowers. I thought the camera man was just setting up the camera for that, but when I saw it on TV, he was filming  (I'll sign autographs later......maybe.)

So, that's what's going on with me......what's happening in your neighborhood?  


OldLady Of The Hills said...

When it rains, it pours--as the saying goes....I hope that the 'Good Ole Boy' is able to bring order to the plumbing chaos, my dear Judy.....What a Nightmare! Not being able to flush the toilet....HELP!!! I'm not sure what I would do if that happened to me....!

NellJean said...

He-who-mows was about to replace all the bulbs in his workshop during that rainy spell we just had. As soon as the humidity went down, the bulbs all came on again.

Hope your plumbing guy has been there and gone and everything is fixed. If not, check at the pump to see if there's a valve to the house you can cut off so you can at least have heat.

Star said...

Boy, do you have a lot if balls n the air!!it is what makes life interesting . Good luck with the plumbing.

Arkansas Patti said...

Cripes, that is just too much. I like the sounds of your GOB. After I had a "real" plumber out lately, I think you will like GOB's bill much better. Sure hope you are back flushing soon. That is the pits.

Peruby said...

Good grief! I hope your misery is over with soon. Your plumbing woes reminded me of the cruise ship that had issues this past week and their toilet smells. Yuck! What an ordeal!

Call the WV guy first next time!

Florence said...

It does seem to run in spells, doesn't it! Hope this week goes better for you!

kenju said...

One of those plumbers called today, with excuses, such as his truck broke down, etc. Mr. kenju asked if his phone broke too? After all, he coul d have called us back on Sat. morning, if only to tell us he couldn't come.

Pat said...

I sympathise Judy. Household problems are more than I can deal with just now. Fingers crossed I don't have any.