Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Are You Tired Yet?

I mean, are you tired of hearing about Sammy, the vagabond neighborhood visiting cat?  Sorry, but you'll need to skip this post. 

Early this morning as I entered the kitchen, mr. kenju told me that Sammy had just walked by the kitchen windows on the deck. I opened the door and called to him, but he didn't appear. A few minutes later, I opened the front door and saw him sitting on my neighbor's front porch. I called the familiar "Here, kitty, kitty and he ran across the street lickety -split and came inside. I put food out and he turned up his nose and walked into the guest room, where he took his always popular nap on the wool coverlet. 

About three hours later, he appeared again, nibbled a bit of food and asked to go out. As the temps had risen to the mid 50's, I went out too. Sammy followed me all around the deck as I picked up fallen branches and tossed them into the woods; pausing to lie in the sun for a few minutes, until some wind-blown leaf caught his eye, sending him on a wild-goose chase. He'd soon lose interest and resume following me. Eventually, I came back inside and he wandered away. 

Late afternoon found me going to the flower shop I work for on a part-time basis. They have monthly classes and I went in to help with that. As I came back into my street on the way home, I saw Sammy sitting in the grass between my house and the house next-door. I rolled down the window and told him to come home with me and get warm and cozy. Sure enough, he was waiting on the front porch by the time I got into the garage. He wasn't hungry tonight either, but he went off upstairs to sleep and I haven't seen him since 8:15. 

He really is the perfect pet. He's fully house-broken, he doesn't eat much here  (because at least two other women feed him) and he hardly ever meows - although when he does - it sounds like a young baby crying. Luckily, he's seldom noisy. The only problem is that when he is not here, I worry about him, and wonder if he is cold and damp or hungry.

On another note, when I was at the flower shop class tonight, I ran into a bride for whom I had done wedding flowers 5-6 years ago. She and her mom left her children with their dad and granddaddy and came for a "girl's night out". I was gratified to hear that they had loved their wedding flowers and were still pleased with them. I never tire of hearing that!


Gilly said...

Sammy sounds the perfect guest - only comes when invited, never eats you out of house and home, and doesn't run off with the teaspoons!!

Its been very cold here - barely above freezing all day, and the high winds have made the wind chill factor even lower! But seems calmer today, so perhaps I can take the dog out without freezing my ears off!

Arkansas Patti said...

I will never tire of Sammy posts. What a character. Besides being the perfect pet, he is living the perfect life for a cat. Complete freedom,always welcome, variety of attention givers, with grub and comfort always available when he wants it.
I use to date a guy like that.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love hearing about Sammy....I think it is so amazing that he has a regular home PLUS a number of other stop-offs---I guess when you don't see him he is most likely at someone else's house. He seems to know how to take really good care of his needs. Give him a big hug for me. my dear Judy.

Peruby said...

We have approximately five homeless cats living on my block. You can hear them "Yowling" in the evenings. It is a haunting, unsettling sound.

A lady leaves food out for them and attracts possoms, skunks and loose dogs.

I hope your community cat remains only one.

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you are very attached to Sammy. Would you consider having your own cat? :)

I love seeing people I've dj-ed for, and they tell me how much they enjoyed my work. :)

oklhdan said...

Sammy does sound like the perfect pet! Does he have a home or has he adopted your neighborhood?