Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Odds and Ends

We're drowning in hair. Between Molly the dog, Sammy the cat, what falls off my head and that of Mr. k, we are carpeted in discarded hair. If I still had a loom, I might try to weave some of it into a blanket. Before we turned gray, we seldom noticed our fallen hair, but now it is very easy to see. The only remedy for it is to redecorate and have white carpets and   (Ain't gonna' happen; hair is more tolerable than spots.)

While reading the obits in my home town paper on-line this morning, I saw a familiar name. My maternal uncle's wife died, age 95. I have not seen her in at least 25 years; he died in the early 60's of a heart attack, after shoveling snow to help a friend out of a ditch. She was an elegant woman in middle age; tall and slim with a classic face and long dark brown hair which she pulled back into a large bun at the nape of her neck. I was an impudent pre-teen when we met, and she was not my favorite person at that time. She and my uncle were not married yet, but she was pregnant with his child, and I was (stupidly) judgmental and unforgiving. Shame on me. Their child was a gorgeous cherub with flaming red hair, who grew into a beautiful woman who could have modeled for hair product posters with her exquisite mane. I came to love them both, and I wish our paths had crossed more often over the past 30 years. I don't know her contact info, and apparently there will be no service for the mother. It's too bad that we let people leave our lives. The last time I saw either of them was at my mother's funeral in 1985. 

Today is Mr. Kenju's birthday. I don't usually "do" breakfast for him, but this morning I made bacon and a cheese omelet, and delivered orange juice to him in bed. He thinks I ought to do that every day, but he is barking up the wrong tree. You've heard women say "I married for better of for worse, but not for lunch?"  I say the same, and add
He is going out to lunch with 3-4 guy friends and I have to decide what to make this evening. We would ordinarily go out for dinner, but it is colder than the proverbial witches you-know-what here, and we won't want to be out past dark. I think steak and baked potatoes are looming in our future, along with shrimp cocktail. I made his favorite cake last Sunday, and since the doc complained about his weight this week - we will dispense with dessert tonight. Mr. K blamed his weight gain on the holidays, but the doc wasn't having it. We are all the victim of our choices, and where food is concerned, Mr. K never saw a plate he didn't want to dive into  (unless it contained fish.)

Here's hoping you are staying warm this week!  


tiff said...

Happy birthday to Mr K!

And the hair thing? Yeah - 4 of us and 3 cats...

Star said...

Happy happy Birthday Mr. K ! W are in the deep freeze as well.

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Kenju. Breakfast in bed, time with guy pals and a great dinner--sounds perfect.
I so agree with hair. It is everywhere, especially my gray contributions.
We are having an open window day here in Ar.

LL Cool Joe said...

Happy birthday to Mr K. I hope he enjoyed his breakfast. No ones made me breakfast in bed ever. Now I feel like sulking! :D

Granny Annie said...

Our housekeeper would not have an animal in her home because of all the pet hair she has to clean up. She looks at my dog Slim and just shakes her head, knowing Slim will keep her employed for a long time.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Kenju. Can't he have just a little piece of cake? Bet the guys will let him eat whatever he wants. LOL

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Mr K!
My MIL was always an old lady to me and she used to collect the hair from her comb and put it in a silver topped glass jar and I used to think why is she saving it? Is she going to try to stick it on again?
Aren't the young horrid?