Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

Edit below!   When long-time, well-enjoyed bloggers disappear, do you miss them?  I always loved seeing a new post pop up on SRP's site:   Melange    Her photos and poems were usually wonderful as well as educational, and I enjoyed reading about her family. 

I had the good fortune to meet her when we went to Virginia Beach, near where she lives. We had lunch twice and conversed as if we had known each other for years  (in person, and not just on the web.)

Over a year ago, just after her mother passed away, SRP stopped blogging. She has not
answered email, either, and although I was in her area again last January, I hesitated to call her, since she obviously didn't want further communication. I just wish I knew if she was okay. Roxanne, if by some chance you are reading this, please tell us you are alive and well.

Mr. kenju went for his every four month blood-letting this morning, after which we had the usual greasy, golden arches sausage biscuits. I couldn't finish mine. It tasted like something
fake; as though it were manufactured instead of taken from living things. I suspect I am not far off in that speculation. It is the only time I ever go to that place, and I am grateful that I have other choices. Guess who ate my leftovers? 

We have been blessed with warm, definitely out of season weather for the last 4-5 days, and today is supposed to be decent, but at the moment it is misting rain, chilly and dreary. I can't get warm. We are going out again in a few minutes, to get pedicures, and I cannot imagine walking out of there later with flip-flops on. I'll be one big chill bump! I'm in the mood for green toenail polish, but the last few times I've been there, they haven't had any. 

Miss Molly, my grand-doggy is here visiting again. She doesn't always sleep with me, but when she does, I don't get much sleep - or it seems that way. Last night, she stayed in my bed all night long. I was trapped in one position for hours. She is too heavy for me to move and she is loathe to do it on her own....lol  

Poor Sammy, the vagabond cat, came visiting 2 nights ago. He was in the kitchen window at 11:30 pm, when I was making preparations to go to bed. Molly didn't see him at first, but she heard me opening a can of cat food and came running. When she saw Sammy in the window, she put her paws up on the counter and let out the deepest, loudest, most malicious-sounding growl I've ever heard. Luckily, we have a sliding pocket door between our kitchen and the back hallway. I shut that door and opened a back door to the deck, and set the bowl of food out for Sammy. It was warm that night, so I didn't feel too badly about not letting him inside, but he needed cuddling and I needed to do it!  I hope he will return after Molly goes home on Thursday.

Note:  I almost missed my blogging anniversary, but today  (January 16th) marks 8 years of blogging!  I started with this blog, Just Ask Judy, changed to Imagine for a few years, and then came back to this older one. I'm still loving it, even though I don't post every day. Thanks to all of you who read here!


ABBY said...

I miss Roxanne too.
I hope she reads this and that she sees how missed she is.

LL Cool Joe said...

I often wonder what makes someone just disappear off their blog. One blog I followed the lady actually died, and her daughter posted to tell everyone.

I think maybe for other people it's just too hard to say goodbye and just easier to disappear. Less final maybe?

Pat said...

One of the biggest traumas is losing one's Mum and we all cope in different ways. I found blogging to help me - as it has so often in my life. Perhaps Roxanne needs to shut herself off for a while. I hope - eventually she returns.

Arkansas Patti said...

I do hope you hear from your blog buddy. Not knowing makes one think the worst. I have some bloggers just get burned out but they usually let us know as they wind down.

Granny Annie said...

Over the eight years I have been blogging, I have seen many beloved bloggers disappear. I hate it when that happens. Occasionally a family member will report a death or illness but most often they just go away.

grannymar said...

Congratulations Judy, on the blog anniversary. Have you tried to find your friend on the book of face? I know several former bloggers who moved to that platform and closed their blogs.


robin andrea said...

Congratulations on eight years of blogging. I think we just celebrated eight years as well, and I forgot to check. Some good bloggers have disappeared, and I really do miss them.

Vagabonde said...

Eight years of blogging! That is quite an achievement – congratulations. It is hard to lose a blogging friend – in a way it feels like blogging friends are real friends, then if they disappear like this, you realize that they are just virtual friends, and it hurts. I hope your friend will be back.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It is interesting that you mention SRP'S Blog....I went to visit her about two months ago and found she was no longer blogging. I thought back and realized it probanly happened soon after her mothers death....I LOVED her blog and like you, I dearly hope she is alright...!
I love how your Grand-Dog is not to keen on your Visiting Cat...I hope he will come back after Molly goes home.