Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Mother, My Roommate and the Beatles

Back in the early 60's when the Beatles first came on the music scene, I instantly fell  in love with their music and I wanted to share it with my mom. She and Dad came to visit me and I played "Meet the Beatles" for them. The reaction was not good, of course. She didn't like them any better than she had the down and dirty rhythm and blues I preferred earlier in my life. My dad was noncommittal. (He didn't have opinions in those days, since my mom had them all.)

I was determined to sway her, so in the 70's, when I found an album of the Beatles music played by a string orchestra, I nearly wore it out, playing it while they were again visiting. She was not told whose music it was, and after she had heard it  (and not complained) several times, I told her where the music came from. You should have seen the look on her face!  She was so surprised, and she admitted that perhaps I had been right about the Beatles abilities after all. 

The same thing happened with my roommate the first time we heard "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on the car radio in 1963 or 4. She changed the station almost immediately, and I asked her to change it back so I could hear that song. I loved it and she hated it from the start. She said,  "Who the heck are those guys? They will never be popular! I don't know how you can stand to listen to that!!"

She is the same roommate who said my marriage to mr. kenju would never last. I have not seen her since 1965, and I wish I knew how to contact her. I would say ".....funny how that 
Beatles thing worked out, huh? and by the way, we are going to celebrate our 49th anniversary this year."  I'd love to see the look on her face....lol  


Arkansas Patti said...

Looks like you know how to pick a winner.
Had to laugh at your mom's reaction. My teen choices produced adult eye rolls. My step mom thought Pat Boone was the berries and Elvis was evil. Kind of like me today with rap.
Congrats to the two of you.

oklhdan said...

Opinions.....everybody has one! I liked the Liverpool Boys the minute I heard them but most 14 year old girls at the time loved them as well. John was for some reason my favorite.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Funny. I came to the Beatles a bit later...I didn't like them at first and then I heard "YESTERDAYS" and it touched me deeply....Some years later, I remember playing this song for my mother, who was dying, and it made her cry. Up to that time, she didn't like them, at all.

49 years Judy! That is really fantastic!....CONGRaTulaTIONS, my dear!

Bernie said...

I loved the Beatles, still do today... But then again, I do have family history to Liverpool England (dad was from there) so I am a little bias I suppose...

BUT, putting it into todays terms, have any of the grandchildren, made you sit through some Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas or anything like that, and what was your reaction??? hahaha

And as for the 'roomie' it is like this, you can't pick your family (Mr Kenju), but you can pick your friends... She is maybe not in your life for a reason... Congratulations on the pending 49 year anniversary, CAN'T wait, to hear and see your 50th!!

Anonymous said...

I was in 8th grade and living in England (Army brat)when the Beatles showed up. Still love them! But George was always my favorite.
Congrats on the 49 years this year!

Gilly said...

I rather liked the Beatles! Eleanor Rigby was my favourite. Ah, but its a long time ago!

Just catching up with your posts as I've been away in hospital, and I want to say how much I agree with the previous post. I've not "done" Facebook, and I'm very glad I haven't in a way, though maybe I would miss out finding all those girls I lost touch with from school and Uni. Maybe.

Granny Annie said...

I like some of the Beatles music but I never got into the Beatle-mania. I sure did scream and squeal when Elvis was performing and loved ALL of his songs.

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never understood the appeal of the Beatles, in fact I hated the way they killed of American rock and roll. Like Granny Annie, Elvis was much more my thing. :D

JeanMac said...


Congrats on your years together.

Looking to the Stars said...

49 years, that is wonderful, Congrats :)

I loved The Beatles cause it was so easy to sing along. As they and their music grew, I grew along to appreciate good music tho sgt pepper's band took awhile to get used to, lol

Ginnie said...

Cute blog entry, Judy. There's no accounting for taste, as the saying goes. My husband loved opera and I could never abide it, but we had a long marriage in spite of that.
I'll bet it doesn't seem at all like 49 years !!

Anonymous said...

always loved The Beatles and my parents took me and my little sister to their 1964 Christmas Show instead of the usual pantomime or circus!

now I realise just how special my parents are!

well done on the 49 years, me and LOML are just creeping up to 19!