Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Neighborhood Christmas Pot-Luck 2012

We gathered in a lovely home (one of the few in the area capable of holding so many for a sit-down dinner). There were 24 of us, I think.

After dinner, we have a gift exchange. It's fun and sometimes we get rowdy! Here, Jeanne show off her snowman dessert/appetizer plates. 

Pretty Beth chose this Santa made of stacked boxes. Each box held a different kind of candy.

Ha....this one from 2011 slipped in by itself.  That's moi on the left.

Mary gets a cute ornament, while Tara and Stephanie look on.

Pam decides to steal the silver "disco" ball from Stephanie. 

"You can't have mine", says Sherleen, as she hides her gift under her. We have to watch that one - she's devious!

Vicki ended up with this adorable apron - "I've Got Jingle" - and she does!

Dede got the apron first, but it was stolen.

I had offered to decorate for the owner of the home, but I see she didn't need me at all! Her artist daughter must have helped. 

Such a pretty bannister!

After dinner schmoozing. 

Fran got the stacked Santa first.

This is an event that we look forward to all year long. We have had as many as 35 women, but several were either out of town, sick or otherwise booked, so we had about 24 this time. We missed the others, but a slightly smaller group means you get to speak to each person, which is nice. Some of the women who come to this dinner don't participate much during the year, so it is nice to have a way to catch up at least once.

My neighborhood is the Best - and I am Blessed!!


Celia said...

What a treat tradition, joyeux noel!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

This looks like a lot of fun...! The "game" sounds similar to The White Elephant Game we play at New Years Eve...!
I can see why you all look forward to this dinner and game...!
THat Apron is great! And so is the Stacked Santa...! (lol)

Bernie said...

What a wonderful 'sense' of community... It times like this, when the neighbourhood comes together, that really make it... Well... A neighbourhood!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Granny Annie said...

So jealous of your fun group of neighbors.

Gilly said...

You all look as if you are having a great time! It must be wonderful to have a community like that!

Pat said...

Back in the swim but float a little while longer please.

grannymar said...

I want to move to your neighbourhood, Judy. That lunch sounds like great fun