Monday, December 24, 2012


Many of us have seen a sneeze in action; documentaries on colds or germs often show them. But seeing one in person will bring you up short - they really do spread out for what seems like miles. 

Last week, Mr. kenju and I were out running errands. I parked near the UPS store and got out to mail a letter. Just as I closed the door, I remembered something I wanted to say to Mr. kenju, and I turned and bent down to see him through the driver's-side door. Just at that moment.....he sneezed. He was back-lit by the sun and the sneeze contents were sprayed out just like a demonstration on TV. 

We have all been told or shown how a sneeze can spread out, but seeing is believing. It went all the way to the base of the windshield, which in my van, is quite a distance from the passenger seat. It made me want to take my car in for a wash and interior cleaning.  Whew!  Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze, okay???


Kay Dennison said...

I am one of those weird people who tries not to sneeze at all.

Merry Christmas, Judy!!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

In public I surpress my sneeze so that I sound mouse like. At home I let them rip and I am sure project into another room. Had to laugh at you wanting to disinfect the car.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a super 2013.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It is quite extraordinary, isn't it? One has to be soooo very careful....PLUS, I wouldn't shake the hand of the person sneezing, either....!
Stay Well, my dear!