Thursday, June 14, 2012


About 3 weeks ago, I got an email from a woman I have done flowers for quite a few times over the last 15 years. She is married to one of my former doctors, who is retired now. About 7 weeks ago, she had a knee replacement and it has been a long haul of discomfort and physical therapy to her recovery. She had reached a point where she  couldn't stand to be home any longer, so she asked all her friends and acquaintances to come and visit. I wrote her that we were headed out of town for a week, but that I'd call her when I returned. 

I did, and we decided we'd go out to lunch. I picked her up at noon yesterday, and we both had on blue and white patterned tops, solid slacks (mine blue, hers white), blue earrings and blue sandals! The only variation was in our purses; mine is orange and hers was beige. 

We got seated at the restaurant and proceeded to order the same exact meal and beverage. How odd is that? We don't see each other often at all (maybe 2 times per year.)

I was recounting that story to a friend in the afternoon, and I said this woman doesn't know how much I like her and enjoy being with her - if she did, she'd think I was a

It was just really funny that we showed up dressed alike!  


sage said...

Did you chew the same brand of gum? (that was a joke)

Arkansas Patti said...

Great minds-----
Sure hope she is recovering. That can be rough on some.

JeanMac said...

In sync - that's a good thing between friends:)

Pat said...

I'm intrigued by 'solid slacks'???