Monday, June 04, 2012

Reunion Photos

Paul Tagliabue in Gaston Hall (Georgetown U.)

A balcony ceiling in The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress  (not my photo)

Inside the column of cucumber slices, we found a round pasta and capers, topped with mozzarella.

A view in the Library.

There is a funny story about this meal; I'll tell it
in the next post.

One of the skylights in the ceiling, which was leaking due to the torrential rains that DC experienced on Friday night. 

The remaining members of the original "Terrible Six". I'm not sure if that was a self-appellation, or if their girlfriends named  (probably the latter)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Wonderful pictures, Judy..The food looks so yummy and the Library so very elegant! What a fabulous Reunion this was! It's so great that you and Mr. Kenju could partake of this very special weekend.

Grannymar said...

The food looks scrumptious. Looking forward to tomorrows tale.

Lynn said...

Wow - the Library of Congress. I wouldn't have thought of that as a venue. Sounds like a great time.

I miss the DC area - my sister has moved away from there. She lived in Fairfax County.

Pat said...

What an interesting week-end. Looks like fun.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea they did events inside this building!