Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wedding Planning is Not for Wimps

My baby is in the throes of planning her wedding and I am helping where I can and trying not to impose my ideas on her. It isn't too hard because so far, I agree with most of her ideas. Not all, but She has pretty good taste...and I'd like to think she gets some of that from me. 

The fact that I was a wedding and party florist for over 25 years surely helps a lot, since it put me in touch with many vendors and sites that she can consider. The flowers are no  problem, of course, except for one thing. My best friend and my employer are both florists and I wanted both of them to do some of the flowers and allow me do some of them too. My friend is available that weekend (thank Heaven) but my employer has what usually turns out to be his largest annual event on that weekend, so he can't help us at all, and that makes me sad. I am also sad that I won't be able to work with him that weekend, since I have been helping with that event for over ten years. 

My daughter has decided she is in the wrong business, since the prices that professionals are quoting have appalled her, so far. From site charges to photographers, string quartets to DJ's, and everything in-between - she is thinking she might be better off to go to the courthouse. The only thing that seems a good bargain are the charges at the reception site, a local Italian restaurant known for very good food and a classy, if casual, ambiance. 

She has her wedding dress already, bought on-line, and she ordered her shoes today. I won't  ordinarily buy clothing on-line, since I am of the "see it, feel it, try it on first" variety of shopper. However, we did order two dresses for me and I will choose the one I like best (and probably have it altered) or send them both back. If anyone knows of dressy, strappy, silver or pewter shoes that don't have a 3" spike heel, I wish you'd tell me where they can be found. I really cannot buy shoes on-line unless I have been able to try them on somewhere.

All this shopping has me exhausted. Buying clothes for a 50th college reunion in May, a family wedding at the beach in July and now this wedding in August leaves me feeling bewildered about my choices and the checkbook is smoking from all the use I have given it. I'm not completely finished either.  By the time I do, I may not have enough energy to don the clothing and attend the events!!


Juniper said...

I would hate to have to plan (and pay for) a wedding now, except that being older and wiser I would keep it as simple as possible...

I agree about buying shoes online - very tricky unless they are 'comfortable' shoes, anything glamorous I would have to try on to make sure I could walk ;-)

It sounds like you have a busy year ahead, I hope it all goes well!


Pat said...

This is no time to feel sad. Do you know how luck you are?
Daughterlsee I'd love to be in your shoes - even strappy silver ones.
And I'd keep a wary eye on the expense of everything.

tiff said...

clothes shopping stinks, but for such wonderful occasions maybe it doesn't stink so bad.

I can give you a line on a couple of good and reasonably priced wedding photographers if you're still in the market.

Star said...

Weddings seem to take on a life of their own , don't they ? My 2 daughters who married planned their weddins in 6 months. I like it better that way. No time for indecision.

Judy (kenju) said...

This one is being planned in less than 4 months, Star!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Lordy...I don't envy you in a way Judy, and yet I think it is so exciting and wonderful that your 'baby' is getting married...!
Good Luck with the shoes, my dear....And I hope one of the dresses suits you to a "T"....!
Too bad about Mel....I know that is really a hard pill to swallow...It sure would have been nice if all three of you could do the Flowers...! And, also that you have to miss that Event. But, this certainly is a special wonderful day for you and Mr. Kenju and for the rest of your brood...! Hope we get to see the Brides Dress, as well as yours.

Granny Annie said...

I have recently been watching a lot of Judge Judy reruns. Many of the cases are against wedding planners and/or vendors for weddings. This is where "get-it-in-writing" comes in. My daughter's wedding was wonderful but it did not bode well for mother and daughter. I finally just stepped back and wrote the checks. For you and your daughter I am wishing the very best. Oh yea, the groom too, but right now he is irrelevant...right? LOL

Lynn said...

I saw shoes like that at DSW Shoe Warehouse this week. Do you have one of those where you live?

And I got some silver flats at Target that looked good and I wore it to a fancy event last December.

oklhdan said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your time with your's such a happy event. Good luck with the shoe shopping and just keep a fire extinguisher handy for that "smokin" checkbook.

Anonymous said...

It never made sense to me the contortions that people go through over weddings. Never having planned, nor ever having had the desire to plan, a moderately sized wedding - let alone a large one - I just don't "get it". I guess this is one of those "better you than me" things.
; )
Cop Car

Ginnie said...

I'm exhausted just reading this entry, Judy ... but then I'm a lot older than you !! I know you and your daughter will cherish every bit of the big day and all these "problems" will be forgotten soon.
Take a little time for yourself when you can !

kennady said...
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