Tuesday, December 13, 2011

:-( to :-)

It is now 2:30 pm on the first day that I am completely free of work obligations outside my home, since back in November. 

I had big plans for this day; I was going to pull out my Christmas tree and all the other trimmings, and at least get a start on decorating my home. Have I accomplished any of that? In a word:  NO. 

And I can tell you that I have just about as much motivation to start as I would to jump in the car and drive to California today (unless it meant seeing my old friend Sharon, or meeting my blog buddies,  Shephard and Naomi.)

Beside eating and dressing, all I have done today is clean the storm doors on the porch and the outside of my kitchen windows. The power washer who was here two weeks ago, prior to repainting parts of the house, didn't do such a hot job on the windows. I had hoped he would leave them pristine, but they had spots all over them, making them dirtier than they were before he came. Bah.

Mr. kenju says "Every one gets decorated (for Christmas) but us " which gets my dander up, since I outdid myself here last year, and plan to do  it in similar fashion next week. Somehow he forgets that. He is going to his Pipe club meeting tonight, and I was looking forward to being here alone, eating what I want for dinner, and relaxing in my recliner to catch some TV - and then I remembered another obligation I have - and there went my relaxing evening. 

Last night was our annual neighborhood pot-luck dinner, and 21 women gathered at the home of a very brave neighbor, who proffered her home for the evening. Despite arriving at 6:30 pm, we didn't leave until after 11 pm! It just goes to prove how much fun we were having. We talked, ate, chatted, ate, and talked some more - until it was time to start the gift exchange, always a lot of fun. The first person chooses a wrapped gift and the next person in the line can either "steal" yours, or choose a wrapped gift. On and on it goes, with people stealing gifts all evening. I had to open four gifts and every one of them got stolen! I was particularly miffed when the most darling set of hand-blown glass piggies (dressed to the nines) were taken. Of course, the next person in line stole those as well. I got lucky in the end, though, as two very cute  snowman trays came hope with me, and now grace my coffee table!

I always tell you about the food. We have a lot of excellent cooks who live here, and they all brought wonderful things last night. My contribution was a spinach/butter lettuce salad, with raspberries, glazed pecans and a home-made poppy seed dressing with everyone seemed to like. (Mr. kenju sure did!) The ham and beef tenderloin were all that you could want and the vegetables and other casseroles were wonderful. We helped our plates and staggered under the weight of them to our respective tables. We are all so lucky to live here, and it is amazing how well (seemingly) we all get along. 


Looking to the Stars said...

Yummy, that food sounds really good. Any houses for sale by you,lol :)

Glad you had a great time, it sounds wonderful.

I've given up paying someone to do work around the house. I always seem to have to redo what they have done! I get tired of people who don't know how to do a good job anymore.

Enjoy your time off, will be looking forward to more of your posts :)

Beverly said...

Sounds wonderful, Judy. It's wonderful that you have a neighborhood where you all get together and have fun. The food sounds wonderful. I would love your salad. I'm having some friends from my school in Friday night. That's about all the entertaining I'm doing...leaving MOnday on the autotrain for DC, then down to spend Christmas with my kids.

Grannymar said...

You deserve at least a day off, have another one tomorrow!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Personally, if I were you Judy..I would be spending a few days in the recliner---Rest Up, My Dear!
Then....you will have more energy and enthusiasm for the decorating of your own home, which I know will be spectacular!

Sounds like a terrific evening with WONDERFUL Food...! Yum!

amarkonmywall said...

Lordy, do you make me happy. I love everything you post. I channeled you the other day, arranging flowers for my luncheon for 30 women- the annual neighborhood charity lunch. We raised 1,000+ for Food for Fairview and the WNC nature preserve. Me? I arranged lime fuji mums, long white pine boughs, brilliant deep rose peonies and lovely bright pink lilies.

If you get a burst of extra energy, c'mon over. :-)

Celia said...

Delicious and sounds like a great time. The house will wait, like they always do.

sage said...

The decorator is the last to decorate! Sounds about right...

Granny Annie said...

Please procrastinate -- it's very good for you! Put it all off until tomorrow or the next day or the next.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a neat party your neighbors have and in today's growing isolationism that too many share, it is nice to see. I live in the country and we are always like that. Hope it doesn't change.
When those "stealings" are flattering is when it is the gift you brought is the one that keeps getting stolen.
Relax now for a little while.

Pat said...

Good to hear you are having a (sort of)relaxing time and enjoying yourself
sometimes it is necessary to tell one's beloved to go and take a running jump!

Ginnie said...

I'm glad to see you gearing down a bit! The party that you describe is exactly like the one I am going to go to tomorrow night...except that our "gift" is an ornament and we do the same trading, etc. Fun.