Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Friends and Food

Blogger Meet-ups are always fun, and seeing someone you've met before is even better. My blog-friend Beverly from Florida has been north visiting her children and grandchild, and on her way back south, she stopped to visit with mr. kenju and me, and have lunch.  A new route put her a bit behind, but she made it and we didn't get hungry enough while waiting to go ahead with lunch. It is always nice to see a friend, and catch-up with the news (especially since she is one of those bloggers who doesn't blog much any more.)

I made a soup called "garden gold"; consisting of potatoes, carrots, onions and celery (partially pureed in the food processor and re-heated with milk and butter). It is one of my favorite "from scratch" soups and I enjoyed every bite. I also made chicken salad (and should have added a little bit more seasoning.) Live and learn, right? I learned something else too. Next time I buy a boule of rosemary/olive oil/sea salt bread, I'll have the store slice it for me. Either that, or I need to buy some sharp knives. Trying to saw through that loaf (and it was fresh) nearly made me pass out with fatigue. But the chocolate ice cream revived me, I think.    LOL

And speaking of LOL, I think I must be the only person alive who still uses that abbreviation!  But it's so handy, and it expresses exactly what I'm trying to say/show. You'll forgive me for being trite, won't you? Have you thought about this? Once you are out of school or young adulthood, it is harder to keep up with the current slang phrases. Of course, you don't want to keep up with some of them (LOL) but it would be nice to know when things become passe. Otherwise, you tend to use them well beyond their expiration dates, and your grandkids (and kids) roll their eyes and wink at each other. I know what they're thinking....."Geeze, grandma is SO out of it these days." 


Lynn said...

I use "lol" all the time - I agree that it expresses laughter perfectly.

Sounds like a lovely lunch! I have developed personal relationships with three blog friends and have never met them in person, but think I will at some point. It's lovely.

MissDazey said...

The soup sounds so good. (Maybe you could share recipe, please and thanks.)

I have met a few people IRL that I've met online. I also have formed very good important friendships with several I have not met. I cherish these friendships. Also, my husband and I have about a dozen "adopted Twitter kids". Love them all.

Peruby said...

That soup does sound delicious, though I would have to add a huge block of velveeta cheese. LOL!

Hey, yes I use that TLA (three letter acronym) a lot, too. Even after a male co-worker told me it meant Lots of Love. I said "Errr....no. Laughing out loud!"


Star said...

LOL is passé ? OMG!

Nance said...

We all top out on every fashion: slang, hairstyles, clothing styles, accessories, home decor. There comes a time when our brains our wallets just can't seem to absorb one more about-face to stay hip. And that finally lets the young folks win, which is generous of us, don't you think? Feeling like they won the trend competition once and for all is encouraging to them and they need all the encouragement they can get in this world...especially in This world.

Granny Annie said...

Oops, wait a minute -- you didn't mention your birthday? lol

See, I use it too. What has "lol" been replaced with?

Arkansas Patti said...

One good thing about your tough lunch, with all the energy you expended, you consummed negative calories. Not bad.
You mean those eye rolls aren't a compliment? Oh dear.

Beverly said...

Thanks for sending me your way. I must go and change your address in my reader so I'll get your updates.

I did enjoy our lunch SO MUCH on Tuesday. I enjoyed my night with Dianne, drove down to south Georgia yesterday, and then came on home today. I'm sitting on my loveseat, catching up on my soap.

Looking forward to the next time.

JeanMac said...

your soup sounds delicious.

Badaunt said...

I had a friend who for years thought LOL stood for Lots of love. She confused quite a few people with her inappropriate responses to things!