Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scene/Seen at Recent Weddings

A very different wedding cake. 

The flower girl in all her finery!

I worked this weekend, and delivered a wedding to the same location of the last wedding I had before I closed my business. My instructions were to make it as pretty as possible. That turned out to be nearly impossible, considering what the wedding planner had chosen - or talked the bride into. I won't tell you what was involved, but some of the table decorations, chosen by the planner, were especially tacky and it would have taken monumental effort and expense to make them look any better than they did. I have to hope that the bride and her family had so much fun at the wedding that they didn't notice. I'm sure our flowers helped a lot, but the look of the reception just wasn't "my cup of tea", as they say. The bride's bouquet and her bridesmaids flowers were gorgeous. Too bad that the reception decor didn't live up to the promise of the ceremony flowers. 

This is the second straight weekend here with either rain or overcast skies and high humidity. When we were setting up under the walled tent, it was so hot and humid I began to "glisten" and by the time we left there, the back of my head and neck were dripping. The temperature was only 77, but it felt like 97 under that tent. I sure was glad I didn't have to sit out there all afternoon!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is so GREAT, Judy...Now that I have you in "ADD", your blog csme up in the Follow thingy...And I can see your latest and greatest....!! I thank You So Much....I hope you will "ADD" me too, if you are so inclined....

The weather sounds just horrendous, there....That kind of Humidity I personally find impossible now.....I don't know how you do it, my dear....
And it is sad that the Reception stuff was so impossible. Another Mountain you have to climb...! But I'm glad you felt good about the Flowers....!

Arkansas Patti said...

Is that cake even edible? I did love the flower girls shoes. Wish that type of heel would become fashionable, then I might go back to wearing them.

Gilly said...

Too hot and humid for me! If I was at that reception, I would just have faded away!

Shame about the Reception theme - but I'm sure your flowers perked it up!

Pat said...

At my son's French wedding they had a tower of something like profiteroles as a cake. Different but delicious.

LL Cool Joe said...

The cake does look a bit weird. Has it been covered in fabric?

When I dj at venues I always end up dripping! Not very nice I know but all those bodies, and my lights and equipment make for a hot atmosphere! :D In more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

Some people think they know best
but they only believe themselves
and never learn what truth is

I used to run myself ragged taking photos for other people
back in the day of fllm and processing
and it was always uncertain what you might get back.

Granny Annie said...

It is beyond my imagination to think anyone could cut that cake much less eat it. Dollar bills down the hatch.