Monday, January 22, 2007

Top: My great-grandparents, on the day of their 71st Anniversary. That's me in the middle, squinting against the light, as usual. I was such a ham, and I ran to join them when I saw the photographer setting up his camera. My mom yelled at me to get out of there, but my sweet great-grandma Augusta (Gus), told mom it was fine for me to be in the picture. Of course, they took another one later, sans Judy. I have written about them before and I will put up the link, if I can find the post. Can you imagine being married for 71 years?!
(here you can read a little more about them:

2nd: My Aunt and her husband Joe. Joe was from Ohio, of Italian ancestry, and he was always laughing and up for a good time. I loved going to visit them, which we did every summer. She was an excellent cook and the aroma of mouth-watering pizza or spaghetti would always greet us as we arrived. Joe was very debonair, and when he went out for a nice evening, he was always dressed to the nines, as they used to say. Anyone know where that saying came from?

3rd: Yours truly. Can anyone tell me why I posed (on garbage day, no less) in mom's old felt hat and what looks like dusting mittens?

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