Monday, January 29, 2007

Punch and Judy

Mr. kenju, circa 1944. I didn't know him then, but I was told by family members that he was a perfect little devil. Still is. Loves to tease (particularly females!)

Judy, circa 1942. Ever the ham. I appear to have been conducting the orchestra in the right pic. On the left, I was getting "ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille"
I hadn't seen this one for a while, and I was surprised to see it was not a real horse. In my memory of this photo, the horse was real - and he was on it - not in a carriage. Funny how the mind plays tricks like that.

If you are not familiar with the terms "Punch and Judy", read about them here:
P.S. I had to go on a detour through hell to get here tonight. Google/Blogger still refuses to recognize me most of the time, even though I get into gmail with no problem - and the username and password are the same. Could you get your act together guys? If you let me into gmail I should have NO problem getting into the Blogger dashboard and Picasa, should I?


Raggedy said...

Good Meme.
Great pictures!
He is soooo cute!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Peter said...

Hi Judy, you are right once you enter your email address and password you should be in, I don't recall if you use Firefox as your browser? if you do you can have Firefox save the details and enter them for you.
Do you still have your old blogger address too, if you do and if you don't need it try to cancel it, there is no conflict at blogger then.

Sonia said...

uplHi Judy, love your memories photos! Mr. Kenju looks very cute!

Thank you for your visit and compliments. I leave an answer about São Paulo's population on my current post.

PS: About Blogger, I was forced to change to the new version just now!

Have a nice week!

Beverly said...

Mr. Kenju is such a cutie in that first picture. You're not bad yourself. It's amazing what our memory does to us, isn't it. I'm sure that horse seemed real.

rosemary said...

I love the sailor suit!!! I have pictures of my cousin in one...we are close in age...I remember dressing my own son in one! You were so darn cute....not camera shy that's for sure!

utenzi said...

Google is just being mean to you, Judy. I'm sure in time they'll be nicer.

Helen said...

I too am pulling out the old photos and reminiscing tonight-it's a fun thing to do, especially if you've happy memories.

Anna said...

I love those...they are so cute especially seeing how I know him! :) Thanks for sharing these awesome pics!

srp said...

Judy, Mr. Kenju looks like he was quite the heartbreaker, but then by some of your pictures... you were too. How wonderful to have these pictures from childhood!

Just tell him not to let all the compliments on her go to his head. ;)

Bob-kat said...

More lovely pics. You both look the picture of childhood innocence.

It is funny how the mind can play tricks. When my family get together we all often have a different memory of the same event!

Tammy said...

Ya'll are my parents age...hehe!! Maybe I should call you Mama?? No?? Ok...Ok...LOL!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Mr. Kemju was an adorablely good looking boy! And as I recall, he was a pretty gorgeous looking young man---I remember the 'football team' picture...And I bet he is still a fabulous looking man....!
And you were a darling "ham", my dear....I bet you are having a great time scanning in all these pictures...I have about 60 or 70 that I just got out that need to be scanned in....BUT, there are about 10,000 more, betweeen slides and prints....H-E-L-P....I guess if you do a little bit every day....I think I'll take a nap now and just enjoy looking at all of your wonderful pictures, Judy....!

PI said...

You both were lovely children and i expect had lovely children together

Jamie Dawn said...

Cutie pies!!