Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Odds and Ends ~ and a Thank You

If y'all aren't reading this, you ought to:

The January 9th post is especially good. He mentions seeing Carrie Fisher's one-woman show, which she calls "Wishful Drinking". During the show, she said, "Imagine what I'm leaving out". Isn't that a great title for a blog??!! I left a comment for Shephard that if I ever start a new blog, that's what I'm naming it - so you're forewarned everyone - that line is MINE! You can go and read the rest of it, though.


I had so much trouble with Blogger today. I decided they were punishing me for not switching to Beta or the *new* one they're touting now. So I made the decision to switch - and guess what - they won't let me. Seems I can't switch because one of my blogs has changed. I only wrote one post for All Blog Stars, but I am considered a member of it. For some reason I don't understand, they won't let me change because that one already did.

I tried to delete it from the list of blogs at my dashboard, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. I changed my profile, but that didn't make any difference either. What am I doing wrong?

Seems like nearly everyone mentioned having trouble commenting; even Hal*scan was preventing me from opening some comment boxes. I don't know what I ever did to them!


Thanks to Michele at making my blog the site-of-the-day, I had over 50 comments today and I don't think I've ever had that many in one day before. Thanks, Michele, for choosing my blog and for the nice things you said about me. That helps to make all this worthwhile. My daughter said to me this morning, "If you spent as much time working for money as you do on that computer writing and reading blogs, you'd be a millionaire". She's probably right. But the most important thing is that I am rich with friends, and that means more to me than anything.


Seamus said...

Blogger & Haloscan has been the absolute pits today. I've wondered too if it's not New Blogger sending a "message" to us slackers! :P

raehan said...

Everyone was down on blogger yesterday. It is still quirky today.

Congrats on being the Site of the Day again, Kenju. You may not be the only duck in the pond, but you sure are a good one.

srp said...

The new blogger hasn't sent me an invite yet and as long as they don't I'm not switching.

Congrats again on the site of the day!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hi Kenju, no BirdyChirp and I are not the same person, see here for conclusive proof! I take it as a compliment, though, that you thought we were one and the same, because we are good friends and I think she's a star.

mar said...

kenju, glad to find another "old blogger", I was slowly getting the feeling I was the only one left behind: they won't let me change to beta either, apparently one of my blogs is too large (!) Oh, well. I signed up for wordpress just to have one little site in case of an emergency(i.e: being blogless all of a sudden!!)
Have a nice day, kenju :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great line. I watched the semi-autobiographical film 'Postcards from the Edge' the other day which is about Carrie Fisher. Very entertaining!

Granny Annie said...

Since you have been collecting old phrases, how about: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? That's how I feel about my blog. I have not tried to change to beta, though I have been invited. I'm not sure what the enhancements are supposed to be. Also, I did sign up for bloglines just because you talked about it, but I have no idea what to do with it or what it is supposed to do for me. HELP!

Judy said...

I'm still one of the old bloggers too. One of my friends (who did switch) says the new one is a pain and for me not to switch until they make me. So... I'm going to take her advice! I've thought about signing up for bloglines because I'm afraid my husband probably thinks the same way your daughter does... if I spent as much time on my fiction writing as I do bloghopping, I could probably support us in the style to which we would like to become accustomed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been on the new blogger since they rolled out the beta testing, and comments on non-new sites sucks all the time. Yesterday was without doubt the worst.

You being chosen site of the day was great for me. I found a bunch of new, great writers out there and a few actually found me.

Shephard said...

Judy, so true. Rich with friends.
If you ever want to reference a specific post on my blog, you just click on the "time stamp" at the end. That's the trackback link to that specific quote. :)

It's a great line, isn't it?
"Imagine what I'm leaving out." lol

Anonymous said...

I am so NOT into the blogger lingo yet.

What is a blogline? I am confused. It sounds like a long, tedious process that I would definitely fail at doing.

Star said...

I am afraid to switch because you can't go back if you don'tlike it. Somebody else go first!

Carmi said...

Carrie Fisher will forever be associated with danish rolls for me. Hellishly desirable danish, at that.

I'm in the corner with Blogger as well. My blog is apparently too large. Ah, whatever. As long as I can still swap charged particles with my favorite blog folks, I'm happy.

I have always liked your perspective on life, Jusy. Your last part of this entry reinforces that.