Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Dickens Village

I said in the last post that I wouldn't be posting anymore photos from my house, but I thought you would enjoy seeing the village.

Mr. kenju started collecting these houses and other buildings about 12 years ago. We have about 12 of them, plus a lot of accessories, such as people, trees and animals.

I didn't go "all out" with it this year. Sometimes I use cotton batting and pad the corners of the books I use to raise some of them to different levels.

This year I used a smaller mirror to make the ice skating "pond". You can see a portion of it in the middle left of the second pic down.

I didn't show you here, but I also put a 3 foot lit tree among the houses. It is out of proportion, but it adds to the twinkle of it all and the grandchildren will like it. Scroll down to see that pic.
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