Sunday, December 03, 2006

On the third day of Christmas.....

I made these cards (6" x 9") as a triptych back in the early 1960's when we were first married. Money was tight, and we didn't have many Christmas decorations, but I used scraps of wrapping paper, construction paper, sequins and yarn to make these. Mr. Kenju liked them so much that I later made larger versions and hung them from the curtain rod in my living room window.
After moving from VA to NC, the large ones were damaged, and I had to throw them away. Mr. kenju mentions them nearly every Christmas.

I have been having an odd dream lately. I am in my home, in which I have lived for many years (it doesn't look likeour home) and we have just discovered some rooms we never knew were there before. In the last dream, we found a door leading to another kitchen (on the second floor) and a family room/den. I was very happy to discover the two new rooms and I didn't wonder much about how I could have lived there all these years without knowing they were there.

There is another recurring dream I have had off and on for probably 25 years. I am in a home, in which I have also lived for many years, but it isn't the one I live in now or the one in the recent dream. We discover two new bedroom wings in that house; one for adults and one for children. The rooms are fully furnished with beds, tables, dressers, etc., but no personal effects. I am perplexed by that discovery and I simply cannot believe they were there all along.

Can any of you hazard an interpretation of those dreams?


susie said...

Judy, I too, have had a recurring dream about "finding" new rooms.

I found this:
11.50 Discovering New Spaces

The opposite of dreams of being trapped or paralyzed are those in which the dreamer discovers marvelous new spaces. There are several versions of this universal dream.

11.51 Finding a New Room in Your House

Opening a door in your ordinary home to discover a whole new room is an uplifting variant of Discovering New Spaces. Some dreamers find incredible treasures they didn't realize existed in the attic of their dream houses.

From here:

I haven't had this dream in a while, though. Which is surprising, considering we were living in a 600 sq. ft. condo for 8 years until this past August. LOL

Michele sent me! Drop by for a slice soon!

Carmi said...

I think you have a hopeful, pensive soul that always wants more for your family.

Gee, I really need to work on my dream-interpretation skills. Sorry, Judy!

Sonia said...

Dreams are amazing! I dream so much every night but when I wake up, many times the dreams just vanished. Sometimes I remember them or the feeling of the story last on my mind. I must to write them just when I wake up, but I did not it!
Your first dream looks to me that you will discover new happiness, new creativity on your life.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How fascinating Judy...! I honestly do not know but both these dreams seem like very positive things to me...discovering "new" things you hadn't known were there....I don't know that THAT is right but it doesn't sound bad to me...they both sound Good!

I LOVE those cards you charming and pretty and how inventive of you? Wonderful!

Michele sent me tonight, and I am so glad she did! (lol) said...

I went into a self-induced trance and asked the Gods of Dream World "what is this dream of which recurs for her" and the Gods answered:

"She keeps dreaming it because she needs more room for all those spectacular collections of stuff she has!"

Star said...

You are so crafty. I have a reoccurrin dream about moving to a new home, and it has tons and tons of rooms, mostly bedrooms and hue bathrooms. I put all three of my girls, who are little in the dream in one bedroom with three beds pushed together in a corner. I haven't had the dream for a while, but it comes periodically.

Deana said...

You should go to one of the dream sites....I love doing that. Some times they are right on the money. Maybe you have found something in your life that made you complete and you wondered how you lived without it before?

Those cards are very are a talented lady. And congratulations...I read on Sage's site that you were decorating the Governor's mansion. That is quite an honor.

Michele sent me tonight.

Natasha said...

Hi Judy!

I love those card designs! I was taught that dreams are mainly about how you feel about them. You can try to sit still and meditate on the dream and see what it feels like (if you like that kind of thing).

Michelle sent me!! :-)

Jennifer said...

You are the second person recently to relay a dream about discovering unknown rooms in their homes. I'd love to know what that means, interpratively speaking. The possibilities sound promising, if you as me.

Justin said...

I can't tell you anything about the dreams. I also have a recurring dream about a home, but different than yours.

In one version of the dream (there are different dreams about this same house), I am walking around on the second floor. It is a huge house, castle-like. I eventually go into this room that I haven't been in for years, decades. And what I find is all the stuff from my life now. Set up like some sort of memorial, or set up for a day when I come back to that life and those things that I used.

It's a little weird, but that's one of my dreams. A lot of the dreams I have about that house inevitably come back to present day, even though I am much older.

Maria said...

It sounds like you have all ready received good dream advice. I think it is very much a part of your creative mind and that you are looking for new experiences.

I had a dream (when the kids were small and the house a mess) that my rooms were like elevators. I could press a button and the room would rise one level and a different room would come from a level below. It seemed like a wonderful solution to a messy house. Just think, a neighbor rings the doorbell, you look around at all the toys, dust, etc. and press a button to raise the whole room past the ceiling while bringing in a "House Beautiful" designed room from below.

raehan said...

I don't have an interpretation for you, but it sounds like s dream to just sit back and enjoy.

As a kid I used to dream about finding lots of candy in the pantry. My parents were health food types.

Carmi said...

Hi again, Judy. You've reminded me that te gifts that matter don't need to come with a huge price tag attached.

I love these cards.

srp said...

These wise men are stunning. Perhaps you could now make Mr. Kenju a new set...

David said...

it means make room, because all of michele's friends are coming to visit

PI said...

Re srp- maybe that is what Mr kenju intended. Go on Judy! When you are sitting idly wondering how you can fill your time :)

Shephard said...

A lot of people subscribe to dream interpretation books. After a lot of dream play and research, I think they're mostly garbage in/garbage out.

Dreams are a highly personal dialogue with your subconscious. Your mind is trying to use symbols you recognize and relate to, in direct corrolation to how you feel about them. How you FEEL about the imagery/situation is more imporant than the actually imagery/situation.

There are universal aspects to dreams, because we all relate to things we share and bond over. But there are highly personal aspects to the symbology. An interesting thing, is that the mind does adapt quite quickly to whatever symbology you focus on. During our research, a friend and I began using a dream interp. book, and over a period of a couple months, our brains began using the symbology in the books to communicate to us.

To hazard a guess... I'd guess that your dreams are showing you your own wonder at discovering new aspects of yourself, including surprise at what you are able to handle and conquer/accomplish. You're a decorator by nature, so fresh new rooms would indicate a new blank canvas in your life. Whether it's real, or you crave it.

~S :)

Shephard said...

P.S... love those cards!

Judy said...

According to Dream-Land, here's one interpretation for your first dream:

Discovering a new room is an indication of the state of your whole personality. Your dream might imply that you are ready for new experiences and should accept new challenges. If in real life you have an idea to set up your own business, this dream may be suggesting that it is right time to do that.

I just wish I could remember mine ::sigh::

The Other Judy

Rhea said...

I am stumped as to the meaning of your dream but I think those cards you created are amazing!

Sparkling Diamond said...

Hey Judy...this is the type of dream that I love to have! It typically indicates finding or bringing to consciousness a hidden aspect of yourself. The kitchen represents that which nourishes us, so it usually signifies knowledge. A kitchen represents the frame of mind that is conducive to giving and receiving, preserving and serving knowledge. I'd say the recent condition of your mind has been very positive...keep it up!
Beautiful pics! How fun to have such a creative job!

Terri said...

Gorgeous cards, Judy. You're so creative.
On the dreams...I have to agree with others here. I'd say it means you're about to embark on new adventures, new places....familiar, yet different.

Angie said...

Maybe this year you should make Mr. Kenju those large triptichs. The dreams sound to me like you are expecting to open a lot of new doors into alot of new places (and people) in the future.