Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas at the mansion ~ 2006

The Ladies Parlour has a color theme of chocolate this year. Mel did the mantel in various foliages with chocolate and copper ribbons; they pick up the coral pinks and peaches in the room. The stockings have faux fur on the top.

The tree is huge (I think 14' tall). It has 8000 lights on it. Luckily we didn't have to light it; that is done by some of the "trustees" who work at the museum (men from the local prison).

We started by putting the large bows at the top, thanks to the fearless trustee who had to lean out about 4 feet from the ladder to reach it. Then I placed six long copper-colored sprays (you can't even see them in these photos), some fabric tucked into the interior, and after that, six or seven women added all the balls and other ornaments.

The arrangement in the bottom pic was done by one of the other designers, and features dried hydrangea (sprayed copper), boxwood, cedar and copper ribbons.
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