Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Piazza della Repubblica

We ate both lunch and dinner on this piazza, a large expanse in Florence. The arch in the first photo leads into the old section of the city, which we failed to see. We didn't carry a good guide book with us in Florence, so we didn't know that we should go through the arch. Maybe next time?

Dinner was at the Papillon Ristorante, to the left of the carousel. I had eggplant Parmesan; an excellent version.

We had gelato after dinner, from the place in the bottom photo, Corona's Cafe.

The carousel was one of many that we saw in Italy and in Zurich. They didn't have many riders the day we were there, since children were in school at that time. I have a better photo of it, which I will show you tomorrow.
If you find yourself in Florence, make haste to Corona's and order gelato! I preferred it here, rather than at Giolitti's in Rome. The pistachio gelato here had small pieces of pistachio nuts in it. The juxtaposition of sweet, creamy and salty and crunchy was almost too much to bear!

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