Thursday, November 16, 2006

Opulent Versailles

Top: the private chapel
Below: detail of other ceilings

Le Chateau de Versailles, started in 1668 by Louis XIV, grew around the hunting lodge of Louis XIII. The opera house was added in 1770 by Louis XV.

It seems that my photos of this palatial home focus mostly on the ceilings, which are rivaled only by the Sistine Chapel, in my opinion. I took so many photos that I have mixed them up and cannot tell you which rooms they were, except for the Hall of Mirrors, which you will see later.

Versailles remineded me of St. Peter's Basilica in that everywhere you look there is ornament; painting, carving, gilding, statuary or detailed plaster treatment. The only smooth surfaces are those of stone or marble.

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queen of light and joy said...

I'm sooooooooooo envious, like really envious. In my fine arts career I have only seen pictures, actually slides of this stuff and the fact that YOU ARE THERE. *le sigh*
I have been collecting my airmiles for 5 years now just so I can one day get on a plane and live out my dream of being close to the masters.
You're so lucky.
You my hero.
Oh yah Michele thinks so too.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos, Judy! Thanks for sharing. It must have been the trip of a lifetime!

Michele sent me your way today. Hope you're having a great day!

Carmi said...

I often wonder what went on in the minds of the artistic geniuses who created these timeless masterpieces.

I could visit this place every day and always find something new to wonder about. That word, wonder, is the gift that the builders and artisans who created the Chateau de Versailles left us.

Thanks for keeping the pictures coming, Judy.

Popped by from Michele's this a.m.

Claude said...

Versailles is wonderful and your photos do it justice. I find it a terribly tiring place though, maybe the 17th century pavement?
Yes, yes, I realise they couldn't very well replace it with a concrete, but you have to admit it's awful after a few minutes!

Moogie said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing. I feel as if I'm right there viewing them in person. Thank you for sharing!

mar said...

Great shots, Versailles is such a wonderful place. Once on ski vacation at the French Alps we met a group of about 5 college students, one of them was the son of Versaille's gardener and his friends referred to him as "le roi", the king and made bows!
via Michele's this evening :)

PI said...

The pictures blow up beautifully. Bet you had a stiff neck!

Shephard said...

Oh, I love the idea of decorating a ceiling (wink).

Sounds like they should have given you all mirrors to save neck strain.

Michele said...

They are indeed beautiful photos. Did you ever tire of the beauty and think to yourself - I am bored with all this grandness? No, me either.