Sunday, October 01, 2006

Broken, but beautiful nonetheless

What thoughts or emotions are evoked by this photo?

Several weeks ago, we were delivering wedding flowers and we had to wait before we could enter the church because another wedding party was finishing photos.

We sat on benches in a small garden off the main sidewalk, and this pattern presented itself to me. I have begun to notice things more closely, as possible blog fodder. This one made me reach for my camera pronto.
The Mondrian-like patterns speak of stability and strength - even with cracks and stains. Perfection is not a necessary component of beauty. What does it say to you?
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srp said...

The first thing that comes to mind is "age". When we get older we crack and stain but still retain beauty.

ET said...

I think a "from the norm" jig helps make something pefect - like perfect isn't pefect. There is no art to a perfect pattern, it is all expected - but a sudden turn off the regular pattern makes it interesting and charming.

Carolyn said...

It reminds me of a pattern on a quilt. A well used, yet cozy, quilt.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm still reeling over the horrible photos of those emaciated girls in the previous post. That is ghastly!
I wish there would be a trend towards more average sized models. The Marilyn Monroe era beauties were not stick thin. Sizes 8 - 14 or so would be so much better than trying to look like a starving person. God help our young girls today to NOT feel compelled to compare themselves to such nonsense!!!
The cracked pattern looks worn and rugged. I like it.

Star said...

I like a little imperfection. It makes a pattern more interesting.

colleen said...

It's like life...the pieces fit into place...and sometimes they are fragile.

mar said...

I like it when something is not perfect or not in place. It adds movement and life to it.