Thursday, September 07, 2006

Or Maybe a WW2 Foot Locker?

When my mom and dad bought a house back in the 70's, the owner was a woman they knew. She left some stuff in the basement and this foot locker, belonging to her son, was there. Her son had shipped it home after the war, with his belongings. When mom found it, it had his WV Bar Association badge in it and his college fraternity paddle. I sold the paddle at a garage sale, but the locker and the badge are still with me. I had thought that they might have some historical value, but the local museum didn't want it, otherwise, I would have donated it to their collection.

It is too small to be a coffee table, or I might have pressed it into service. It is an interesting piece, especially since you can still read his name and APO address on the label, though it is faded. If you know someone who collects WW2 memorabilia, send them my way.

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srp said...

Are you really getting rid of things? What's going on?

ET said...

That reminds me - Yesterday when Anna returned from work and we unloaded her car of the festive supplies she carried to work for a baby shower and handed me a table lining and told me to put in the trunk in my office. I thought she was wrong, I don't remember a trunk in my little small office. But, I wanted to look to make sure before showing her there was no trunk. And there was a trunk, right under the window. I am in this room at least an hour or more a day and never noticed it.

h&b said...

I am just so sad his mum left it at the house when she sold it .. for people to sell at yard sales and the like :(

Why would she not want this ?
Why would her son not want it ?

Wordnerd said...

I love both trunks -- although I'm sorry to say I have no clue how to get that 'old' scent out. And it bothers me that the military trunk took on so little meaning with the former owners.

kenju said...

Wordnerd, that woman was leaving the house to go into a nursing home, and the son lived somewhere far away. I think she was beyond caring about "things" anymore.

Terri said...

Oooh, this is interesting too. Such a neat looking piece and I bet it could tell a million stories.