Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Kitchen Wall Memorabilia

My kitchen wall is full, as you can see, of collected memorabilia and *junque*. On the upper left is a wooden cut-out hat rack of Jiggs, a cartoon character from the 30's (and maybe earlier). I bought him at an antique show, since I am drawn to whimsical things. The various shelves and curios are full of my carved wooden people, some of which you may be able to see better in a later photo. A few of these things have been shown before, I think, such as the Christmas story my granddaughter wrote about coming to Grandma's House. The sun glasses were my grandmother's, and I wore them for a while, since they fit over my regular glasses well. I can tell you that they are far stronger than the clip on sunglasses made today! I have collected a few old rulers and yard sticks, which I hung on the wall. They have advertising slogans on them. The towel hanging on the rack sports an embroidered frog, a present from a friend.

Some of the boxes and shelves hold very old spice tins, which I found in my mom's house after she died. She never threw anything away (as some of you have learned already) and I am finding out that I am my mother's daughter in that respect. The two wooden men shown on the right in the top photo and on the left in the bottom one, were used for scraping the foam off a draft beer in pubs, long ago. When I bought them, I thought they were letter-openers, but the antique dealer set me straight. I am going to post some close-ups down below, so scroll down for those.
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