Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I suppose they don't officially quality as pets, but for three years or more, these tiny tree frogs hung on my kitchen window panes, eating the mosquitoes and any other hapless bug that dared buzz around the light. Some nights there were as many as 6-7 of them. During the same time frame, there were always frogs around and in the pool every night. I had always heard that wherever there is an abundance of frogs, snakes aren't around, so I loved the fact that we had frogs.
But for some reason, the majority of the frogs disappeared. We never see them on the window panes any more and there are only a few near the pool, most of which end up dead or dazed in the skimmer. Come back little frogs!
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utenzi said...

Maybe we should blame global warmning and the degradation of the ozone layer, Judy. I've heard that frogs are affected a lot by that stuff.

Star said...

How adorable ase those frogs! I wish I had some on my window! But as that is unlikely I hope yours return.

Pickalish said...

I, too, had a trio of frogs that stuck to my window like glue in Louisiana...right next to our A/C. Smart frogs!

bornfool said...

It's nice that you have pictures of all you pets through the years.

carli said...

If I had those frogs on my window, I'd have to move. Frogs freak me out. I'm so gosh darn urban. Or maybe I saw that episode of The Brady Bunch where the frogs wind up in Greg's pizza one too many times.
Who am I kidding with "that episode"? It was Greg Gets Grounded, season 5.

Beverly said...

I love frogs and toads. However, one night, I was in bed (I live alone) and I heard something fall to the floor in my bedroom. I lay there thinking, "I know there is no one in my house." I didn't get up, but soon I heard something else fall.

I got up, went into the bathroom. Don't ask me why I went there. Maybe I had the pee scared out of me. I turned on the light and saw a big blob on my bedroom wall. I got my glasses from my bedside and saw one of the biggest tree frogs I've seen in a long time. He had jumped to the window sill and knocked off two of my Cat's Meow pieces that I had put there.

I would have left him alone, but I didn't want him jumping on my, so I found a box to capture him in and every so gently let him go outside.

End of story.

Shephard said...

Love the peepers. In Florida, we always saw them on our windows. I miss them. We don't seem to have them here in CA.

Snakes eat frogs... so I wonder about that. lol

I'd call your local environmental dept and ask them about the frogs. Maybe they'd have advice about bringing them back.