Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Love New York

I do love New York, but it can surely be hard on the feet! Why I don't ever take the proper shoes, I'll never know. Hmmmm, that's not entirely true - vanity gets in the way of good judgment. I swear here and now, if I ever go back to NYC, I will wear running shoes, whether they match my clothes or not!

As you can see, we went to "The Color Purple". My daughter has seen about five shows on Broadway in the last year and a half, and she said that this was the best of the lot, including Jersey Boys.

The music was fantastic. I know I use that word a lot, but in this case, it really was! The people in the lead roles, as well as the chorus, had such powerful voices it was awe-inspiring! My favorite was Felicia P. Fields, who played "Sophia", the same role that Oprah played in the movie. Sophia's role is larger than life, and Felicia fit the bill in every way!

The scenery was so well done; sort of cartoon like and sketchy in places, but it definitely fit the scenes well. Having never seen a Broadway production before, I was amazed at the degree of detail. The stage had a circular part that turned round and round. The actors had to walk across that part as it was moving, while singing, dancing and being able to dodge scenery that was swinging around to reveal the set for the next scene. It boggled my mind.

This production is nearly all music and dancing; with very little dialogue, yet the story is told well without it. I may have to break down and buy the CD from the show; I would love to have the ability to hear "Mysterious Ways" and most of the other songs at any time.

Our seats were in the balcony, dead center. I think we were very lucky to have gotten them, seeing as how the tickets were bought at half-price that morning. The theater was so beautiful, with a gorgeous, huge, crystal chandelier, lots of architectural detail and red velvety seats. Photos are forbidden within the theater, else I would have some.

My granddaughter was not impressed with the show (at least that is what she said). At ten years old, "Beauty and the Beast" or "Lion King" would have suited her better. I would like to see "Lion King" too, but there were no seats offered for that. She sat there like a little trooper, except that she fell asleep in the last 20 minutes or so of the show, and we had to wake her up to go back on the subway for Lower Manhattan. I do hope that in the future, she will come to understand and appreciate what she was privileged to see at so young an age.

Edit: since I posted this, my granddaughter has admitted to her mother that she liked the show, and thought "Sophia" was her favorite singer. She also mentioned the song "Hell, No", and snickered at the use of the swear word in public.


srp said...

She will. Nyssa was nine when we first went with my brother. We hit five musicals and one play, Hamlet. Nyssa loved them all. Of course since her uncle was in Phantom at that time we got to go backstage at Les Miserables and Sunset Boulevard and he got her the aisle seat four rows from the stage for Cats. The fellow who played Jean Valjean at the time had been in Phantom too so he ate supper with us after the show. After the big "stars" finish their runs then the people who play even the major roles are really just normal folks, ride the subways to and from work and such.

You are so right about the shoes. I did remember this time and took my walking shoes.

Carmi said...

Hi Judy. Your words painted a far more vivid picture of the inside of the theatre than any camera could have. I'd rather see it through your pen, anyway, because now my imagination has much more to play with.

I agree with srp: this is the kind of lesson that your granddaughter will eventually come to learn to appreciate. You planted a seed in her that will grow as she grows.

I recall my parents and grandparents dragging me to seemingly boring shows and events when I was a kid. Today, I realize how important it was that I was there with them. said...

It sounds like you had a great time! But we are glad to have you back, for sure.

moon said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great time and enjoyed a super show on Broadway!! Whooo Hooooo

bornfool said...

Welcome back. Sounds like good times. The only part of N.Y. I've been to is JFK airport.

Sparkling Diamond said...

Welcome home! I bet The Color Purple was indded spectacular! Boy, how I can relate to the feet/shoes situation..but I wore a shoe I am so impressed with! I have severe feet probs and as you mentioned, wanted a shoe to take with me that I could wear with the outfits I planned while there. So, I wore the new shoe called Aruba by Waldies in metallic gold.
Two days of walking all over Manhatten and I did fine!
I'll share more of my Broadway (the street) pics on my blog soon!

Raggedy said...

Welcome home!
The theater sounds great. I wish they would have let you take pictures.
I am sure you made a memory for your granddaughter to cherish. I think it is wonderful that you went together.
Hahaha, at Can You Relate?
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad you got to see a Broadway show, Judy!!! Hooray for you!
It's funny, when I was your grandaughters age I loved every show I ever saw and that included even the 'inappropriate' ones...LOL!
That's what makes horse racing, as they say...
Oh yes my dear...RUNNING SHOES are a must in that very walkable city....! Hope you get to go back and see some more shows!

Mildred Garfield said...

Hi Judy,

Welcome back

Thanks for that great review, I didn't know that they had made a musical out of The Color Purple.

Years ago Boston was the try =out city for new productions so I got to see a lot of them.

About comfortable shoes - I have had foot problems for awhile and finally found some New Balance running sneakers that I can walk in. Also found SAS shoes that work too. They are not pretty, but what the heck!

First play I ever saw was "Life with Father" at the age of 17. Your lucky grandaughter got a early start, with time she will appreciate that experience.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over to your side of town, Judy. Welcome back!

I've seen a number of Broadway plays but it has been a while. I think Chorus Line was still playing the last time I wondered around Manhatten.

It's too bad that your granddaughter fell asleep near the end but I suspect you're right--she'll remember being at the play the rest of her life.

The theatre is a place of magic. Even regional ones can do amazing things. While I lived in Atlanta I'd occasionally see plays at the Fox or Alliance theatres and the special effects could be amazing considering the limitations that the stage presents.

Inanna said...

I LOVE NYC, TOO!!!! I'm so glad you had a great time and got to see a kick a** show!

Malinda777 said...

You brought broadway to all of us :)

I know what you mean by the shoes. We never walk so much at home I think, so we never remember HOW MUCH we walk on vacation :)

Terri said...

Nothing compares to Broadway when it comes to theater and I sure do miss it. Sounds like you had a great experience and I agree on your granddaughter...she'll probably come to love it.
I love exposing my grandchildren to theater...their favorite is still The Nutcracker by the Boston Ballet. Mine would be A Chorus Line seen on Broadway.

PI said...

I used to be sniffy about musicals - preferring strong drama but now I find them so uplifting.
I don't think there are perfect shoes for cities but I think one has to sacrifice elegance for comfort.

Beverly said...

I love hearing your and SRP's stories about New York. it brings back such fond memories of the four days I was able to spend there 14 years ago. I'd love to go again.

Shephard said...

If you want that song, send me your email address. :) I have the cast CD. My favorite song from the show is "Push da Button."
I've been at The Broadway several times... I saw "Miss Saigon" there (twice). Beautiful theate (understated but grand). So glad you got to see something on Bway. It's a must-do. Enjoyed reading your impressions.

Alan G said...

Well darn...

The Color Purple was going to be my next guess. Really! It is hard to believe that this show got eleven Tony Award nominations and only won one.

Hey...maybe Oprah will send you a Thank You note. :)

vanx said...

Thank you, Oprah, for reintroducing swear words to the Times Square region of New York City—that stretch of town is almost entirely run by Disney. I remember back in the day you were up for an adventure in that part of town. Then came Rudy and Mickey. Oh well...

Sounds like a great show. The movie was great when it broke, I recall. I’m one of those New York area types who never gets around to Broadway. Except, for course, for the Lion King and Beauty.

We enjoyed your company in the New York Metropolitan Area!

Jamie Dawn said...

I enjoyed your posts about NYC. How "fantastic" your trip was! I'm glad you are home safe and sound.
It's great that you saw a show.
The food sounds so good to me!! I love Chinese food.
The American Girl books and dolls are a wonderful thing for girls.

I got so tickled over that cartoon below of the lady measuring how far her boobs have dropped from year to year.

Michele said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Lucky you! I so wish to se that play. A friend of mine gave me the soundtrack several months ago, I loaned it to another friend (before even listening to it) and it has not yet been returned. So, I think I might simply purchase another copy.

I am glad you had a wonderful time. I love all the pictures you have posted.

Oh, and my petty shoes rather than comfortable shoes would have me also experiencing walking pain.

Now, off to convince SOMEONE to meet me in NY to see The Color Purple.