Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Black and White

My father (the baby) and his big sister (yes, it is a girl), circa 1907.

A relative of mr. kenju's, from way back when!
Mr. kenju's family Thanksgiving, circa 1948-9. He is the second child on the left.

Do you remember the TV show "James at Fifteen?" Well, this is Judy at 14. This was my first day of school in the 10th grade, and the little boy's first day of first grade. He was our next door neighbor. I often babysat him and his brother. I remember thinking how old I felt when he got married - and that's been many years now....LOL. Do you believe that anyone dressed up like this for school?!

The next group consists of girls I knew from being a member of the Rainbow Girls, an organization for the daughters of Masons and Shriners. I am second from the right. I cannot imagine a photo being put in the newspaper now, for such a group as this. Back then, I suppose the news was so scarce that virtually anything was acceptable. I had on flat shoes, and I was still the tallest in the group. Funny thing is, we knew nothing about putting on a tea. The women who
helped the group had to do all the planning, and all we did was show up and eat the sweets! Did you notice it was dated 52 years ago yesterday? I didn't until after I had already posted.....LOL


srp said...

OK, let's see. In 1954 I was one year of age. But, I do remember kids getting dressed like this to go to school. We had to wear dresses in public school even when I was in high school.

Sue said...

These look like photos the society section of our daily paper used to publish on a daily basis. We had a morning and evening paper and they put in all sorts of events. I'm 5'10", so I understand about wearing flats!

Raggedy said...

Awesome pictures!
Wonderful memories.
Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

vanx said...

Great photographs. I have toyed with the idea of converting all of my photos to black and white if not sepia. I love the first day of school picture.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I just love it when bloggers post the old timey photos. I especially love that Charleston Rainbow Assembly Planning Silver Tea. Are you doing any serious memoir writing? Each of these photos is a story within itself.

ET said...

things are not always what they appear.
I recognized you right off in your tea group.

kenju said...

I was just thinking about what a photo might look like with today's girls: tank tops with cleavage, micromini-skirts, flip-flops and huge earrings, and hair that looks as if you just hopped out of bed. Doesn't give quite the same feeling does it? LOL

Alan G said...

You know...I had forgotten all about the Rainbow Girls. I was in the "Demolay" which as I am sure you know was the 'male' segment of the Mason/Shriner organization for young men. We use to get together from time to time with the Rainbow Girls for social events as I recall.

Merle said...

Hi June ~~ Lovely old photos and you were a tall girl all right. I am short.
The cartoons were good too. Now, Blogger
that's another story. I have been trying to post and got it on twice and now cannot get it at all. I'll try later.
I don't think too many of us bound out of bed these days. Glad you liked he poem. Thank you. Take care, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Actually, our community section of the paper posts these photos all the time! Being a scrapbooker and presently working on a Heritage album...I love these photos!!!

I was wondering if it was me regarding leaving comments!! There were several blogs yesterday that I couldn't access the comments...thanks for making me feel not so inept :)

Terri said...

Great photos! Really enjoyed them. And yes, I do remember well the days of "dress code" and everyone looked appropriate. Kinda miss them, to be honest.
You have some nice height...I'm 5'5", so just average in height. Wondering if your children/grandchildren are also tall? My daughter took after my mom, and is barely 5 ft. tall but my granddaughter will be tall...those genes are amazing.

PI said...

Didn't we look elegant in those days? I always wanted to be taller and now I'm shrinking!

trinamick said...

Our local paper still posts pictures like that. One of the few things I appreciate about a small town.

Sonia said...

Love these pictures and you look beautiful!

colleen said...

I have an almost identical one of the people at the table. The girls look like women...what now midriff showing...no tattoos? I love looking at old photos.