Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Odds and Ends ~ 7

Michele Agnew recently posed a question that originally appeared in a comment on her site,
about whether women can accept compliments gracefully. I didn't easily get to the point where I could accept them, and sometimes I still indicate my uneasiness, expecially if I am not sure whether they are heartfelt or not.

In thinking about that question, I was amused to remember the first few days I worked for my current part-time boss. I didn't know him at all before he hired me, except I had heard he was a very nice man. The first time I designed a large arrangement I had said to him: "I hope this is what you were looking for" and he replied "Well....... if that's the best you can do". I was momentarily mortified, thinking it displeased him and wondering how I could re-do the arrangement to be more acceptable. I suppose my dismay showed in my face, because in a moment he said "Calm down, I love it. That's my way of making a joke and when I say that, you'll know I couldn't like it any better." Suffice it to say I was relieved!!


Some days, I wouldn't have any email at all if it wasn't for spam. The people who send "Killer Deals" and "Park Pass" should just cease and desist. They surely are persistent little bastards. Some days I get 8-10 of the same spam, one after another. It used to be Viagra and cheap mortgages, then it was hot babes, now it is deals and parks. At least the subject matter is getting better.....LOL
An odd thought crossed over my crazy mind this morning:
I wonder if people's names reflect their true nature. For example,

Is Frank actually candid all the time?

Does Joy always bring happiness to her fellow man, or act jubilant in everything she does?

Do Hope, Faith, Charity and Chastity live up to their names? Or are they despairing, faithless, stingy and promiscuous?

Is Randy always ready for action?
What do you think?


Star said...

Well, if it's any indication, I am not shiny and sparkly all the time.

Diane Mandy said...

I love your random thoughts! You are so funny! Do take that compliment.

metten said...

A good old-fashioned kenju potpourri, how refreshing! And yes - people's names do reflect their true nature. At the time I had no idea why I named my son, screams-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-whenever-he-doesn't-get-what-he-wants but it turned out to be a great name for him. You can come back now - we're done talking about the male anatomy.

moon said...

I have a hard time taking a compliment but as I got older I learned to just try to say thank you and move on lol.
My third name is Marie...let me just state for the record now that I am no saint nor did I concieve my daughter by imaculate conception...(would have taken all the fun out of it!)
And Metten, that was halarious!

KaraMia said...

Hmmmm, would mine mean I care alot? lol
here via michele today

PI said...

I still feel a slight embarrassment after a compliment - probably because we were brain washed never to be big-headed which can sometimes sap your confidence. I hope I have now learnt to accept them- on the rarer accasions they appear -graciously.

Shephard said...

I've known a Frank or two who were very frank. Yet for myself, my name doesn't materialize: I have no flock. My native american name, "Shops-Like-The-Wind" is more fitting.

~S said...

Why didn't my parents name me RICH?

Raggedy said...

I am going to pay you a compliment brace yourself. I enjoy my visits here very much. Thanks for the Garrison update. I have read his books. I used to listen to his show almost everyday. He is very popular here in North Dakota.
One of my favorite Garrison quotes is "One day Donald Trump will discover that he is owned by Lutheran Brotherhood and must re negotiate his debt load with a committee of silent Norwegians who don't understand why anyone would pay more than $120.00 for a suit." One more: "I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it."
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

colleen said...

One of my favorite things to say is "our names are our assignments." I think you can "read" into names but what they actually say, say with some of the letters mixed around, or by breaking down the letter properties. It's certainly not a science, but after years of paying attention, I think there's something to it.

I was planning to invite you over for the flower challenge if you didn't make it on your own because I knew you'd be good at it and up until you no one has come close or even tried. As far as I can tell, you got them all! I was going to call #2 a garlic seed pod, but when I looked up allium that's what it is!

colleen said...

OOps. Actually what you named as a bellflower is a "balloon flower" I think. Or is that just a nickname?

srp said...

Does Roxanne really have rocks and sand in her head? Or does she really "put out the red light?

Hope said...

There are days that are simply hopeless, other days my hopefullness just annoys the hell out of people, lol.