Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mary told me that she built all the buildings herself, as well as painted and "landscaped". Her paintings are all on glass (reverse painting) and they sell for between $120 and $175. I am not ordinarily drawn to outsider and folk art, but Mary made me wish I had a few bucks to spend. Her naive style and bright colors are joyous and you cannot help but smile when you see them.

There were two signs I didn't get a photo of; one said "Savage in back" (she apparently meant salvage) and another saying "When you start to leave, drive around the buildings" (or something like that). In this photo, the part of the sign saying DO NOT had gotten lost behind the parking sign. Spelling is not her strong suit, as you see from the "Mary's Stuido" sign. The paint on the flamingoes picture was still wet, according to the artist.

Mary uses castoffs and salvaged items from demolished buildings to build and paint. Anything you throw out is fair game for Mary. The dolls and all items in her "construction" are cast offs.

The small white building in one of the pics above was a "doll house", which was outfitted inside with doll furniture of all imaginable types, including kitchen appliances, and a good many dolls. Each of her "little houses" has dolls galore, and each has a theme unique to that house. There is a school, a library, a church, and a treehouse, with human size chairs and table. Many items make use of the area's abundant sea shells.

If you are ever in the area near Supply, NC or Holden Beach, visit Mary. As I said above, it has to be seen to be believed!

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Morah Mommy said...

Wow....seems like an interesting place and one I would enjoy exploring.

I hope you had great weekend.

Michele sent me today!

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Shephard said...

Truly amazing. I love colorful stuff like this. So vibrant!

Zee said...

So much treasure in there! I'd very much love to be walking along, taking it all in! :)

bornfool said...

I love all the bright colors. Not sure if I would want any of it hanging in my house though.

Diane Mandy said...

Very cool! I might just have to make a trip out there to see it for myself. Can I tell her you sent me?