Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Letter from an Author

In 1987, while I was reading Michael Malone's
"Handling Sin", an obituary appeared in our local paper of a woman with the same name as one of the major characters in the book. The synchronicity of it intrigued me, so I wrote to Mr. Malone, sending him the obit. This is the letter he wrote in return.

"Dear Judith,

Thank you for your letter and your kind words about 'Handling Sin'. You are in fact the second reader to send me the clipping about Flonnie rogers. The name is a coincidence. I'm sure my Flonnie would consider even 92 a very youthful age at which to pass away.

Another book of mine set among the Tarheels is 'Uncivil Seasons', which you might also enjoy. Cordially, Michael Malone"

I was surprised to learn that someone else had sent him the same clipping.

He mentioned another book which was set in NC, but I never found that book anywhere. I think I will look in the library for it now. Better late than never!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know...I love your book recommendations. I am in search of that Morris West one.

Shephard said...

I found the book listed on Amazon! It's still in print. :)

Sonia said...

I also found the book on Amazon
and Barnes&Noble, too:

mar said...

amazing things happen...

PI said...

It's so nice when authors reply to reader's letters. In my experience the more talented the author the more likely they are to answer. When I grow up and become a famous author I shall reply to every single letter. That's if I can still see to write!