Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ephemera ~ Post Cards

Thanks to the inimitable Vicki, of Outside In I have five new post cards to add to my current collection. They are all old (most not dated); however, postage was one cent, if that gives you an indication of the age. The top two: A view of the Bottomless Pit of Pike's Peak, Colo., and a "Caravan on the March". This one is copyrighted 1909, and features the "Roosevelt Tour" on safari.

The Christmas themed cards are lovely examples of the style in the early days, though they are not dated. The last three are in color and I cannot imagine why the scan didn't show that. I guess I forgot to click that button....LOL
I have decided that all my postcards are too interesting to be shut away in a closet. I am going to display them in my living room, in a nice box so that anyone can enjoy them. I just finished gathering and counting the postcards and I have 197. I had 3 more, but they were duplicates. I have no doubt that I can find more, if I poke around here long enough.

Thanks again, Vicki, for these and the other gifts. I am amazed by and grateful for your willingness to share!


bernadette said...

Lovely old postcards from a real sweetheart of a potlatch gal! I received some wonderful items and one awful pennant!

Missing my daily dose of Judyism!

utenzi said...

Thanks for the invitation, Judy. I'll be right over. (at least I assume that's what you meant when you said that anyone could view the cards in your living room).

Congratulations on getting to 50,000 visitors, Judy. It's quite a landmark to achieve--particularly in such a short time.

Wordnerd said...

Oh, you absolutely must display your cards -- and send a picture of the final display! I can tell I'd love rooting around your house!!!

Jennifer said...

Judy - I saw this site and thought of you IMMEDIATELY.


Malinda777 said...

Cool cards. I love looking through old stuff.

I used to dabble a bit on E-Bay, and it surprised me... some of those old postcards sell for some nice change :) Hang on to them.

Peter said...

Hi Judy, re your comment, they are called "boobie scarves" and with my already admitted facination they appealed to my sense of humor????

Maria said...

What a wonderful gift to receive and those postcards could not have found a home in which they would be more valued.

Marie said...

Yay. I have a bunch of old postcards as well--circa WWI from Europe. I display mine, in a rotational manner, throughout the year. Just be sure to make sure that they don't get t00 much direct or indirect sunlight. Nothing kills these treasures faster.