Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Autograph

James Hampton was an actor and commercial spokesman back in the 70's. Some may remember his ads for the Egg Council, about the "incredible, edible egg".

I saw him on a talk show once, telling about how he has collected funny names over the years. Since I have a funny name collection too, I wrote him and sent a copy of my list. In reply, I got this letter, in which he refers me to another woman from whom he received a list as well. The envelope is dated March 1, 1978. Incidentally, the stamp cost 13 cents back then.
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srp said...

One of the doctors I worked with in Mississippi collected funny patient names. I know he had it in his desk at work. He was ill and retired and has since died. I wonder what ever happened to it.

joared said...

Oh yes, funny names! A comedian, actor with whom I worked also collected funny names. Don't know if he had a list, but was always a running gag between us and others. He would send birthday cards from wherever he was and sign some funny name we both knew. To this day, now, I find my ears perk up at names I now informally collect stored in my memory only, but really only have a few.

Carmi said...

How cool that he took the time to send you a note. It says a lot about him that he did that - and did it with humor and grace.

I love that you're sharing these vignettes from the past. They're magical.

Shephard said...

OMG, I LOVE funny names!! LOVE them! Do share, or point me to one of your posts where you've shared this. :) I often make up names just for fun. I suppose it's a writer's thing, but it makes me laugh.

Karen said...

I used to work with someone that had a very complicated last name. So she collected all of the mail on which her name had been butchered. It was hilarious!

Back again from Michele's, Judy. Hope you're having a great day!