Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ephemera ~ Sheet Music

This sheet music was published in 1925 and the original owner dated it August 29th, 1925. The cover includes a WV State Flag and a depiction of the State flower, which is rhododendron.

Here are the words of the chorus:

" West Virginia's scenic grandeur
Is a boon to every eye;
For her mountains, tall, commanding,
Shoulder out the very sky.

Peaceful vales and virgin forests
Rolling Hills and gorges grand;
Nature's wealth and beauty garnered
In my lovely native land.

Judged by all her varied beauties
West Virginia stands the test;
Many gems of God's creation
You will find upon her breast;

Endless change o'er all the region
Keeps the heart and eyes aglow;
You see nature's grace and glory,
Posed in everlasting show!"

It makes me homesick to read this. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the land can be seen in West Virginia. It is indeed - almost Heaven!


Chris said...

Hello! I'm here from Michelle's...I've never been anywhere in the south or southeast. I live in Southern California which is okay, but the greens back in that part of the country are amazing. One day.....

mar said...

It seems wonderful, kenju. I have never been there, but I think of John Denver everytime I hear West Virginia! happy friday, I am posting about meeting a fellow blogger from the UK.

ET said...

Looks good!
Back rolling again!

sage said...

I like West Virginia! They have wonderful parks and although I've been more into hard rock mining (I wrote a dissertation on social life in mining camps out west), I enjoy looking around the old camps that dot the New River and other river valleys.

As for the song, I thought John Denver wrote the real "West Virginia State Song."

Duke_of_Earle said...

Dang, Kenju. Great poem. But now I'm gonna be singing Country Roads all day.


colleen said...

I have one of these that my Irish Grandfather wrote about the old sod back at the turn of the century. People do love their homes of origin like they love their mother!

srp said...

Does this happen to be the state song? I Googled TJ Honaker and didn't find any other references.

Leigh said...

Hey! I'm from Michele! Hope you have a great day!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Here via Michele's.

I was just in NC two weeks ago visiting my mother. It appears that NC's new state flower is kudzu. It's everywhere.

Seamus said...

West VA is truly worthy of such praise! :)

Carolyn said...

I've lived here all my life and that is the first time I've seen a piece of that sheet music. What a pleasant surprise! The WV Theatre should work that into one of their productions if they haven't already.

And thanks for your email earlier too :)

Chatty said...

I grew up in Northern Virginia. One of my most favorite places to go as a child was Harpers Ferry, WV. I used to sing in my hs concert choir and we would sing in the church by candlelight during the holidays. West Virginia is a beautiful state rich with history.

Michele sent me this evening Judy.

Old Horsetail Snake said...

Except, of course, where they are knocking down another mountain to get at the coal....

Hale McKay said...

Kenju, this made me homesick as well. To misquote some Neal Diamond lyrics ..."Bostons home, but it ain't mine; West Virginia's home, but it ain't mine anymore. (I Am I Cried)
...Wonderful post. That song is new to me. But I like the poster.

WordWhiz said...

I miss the south. There are some lovely parts of New England (when they aren't covered in several feet of snow), but it's not the same.

Catherine said...

I've never been to anywhere in the US. But like the others when I hear West Virginia I think "take me home, country roads"
Michelle sent me

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You know I love all that sheet music, Judy. Another GREAT one!

Thanks for your visit...Betty wanted to hear them since she is unable to read them herself...she really loved all of them and said it "made her day"...I was very happy about that! As far as working...she will never stop unless she is forced is what keeps her young and I don;t think I've ever known anyone who truly loved performing so much; and it is for the joy of performing, completely. And I think that is why people love her so much...something comes across those footlights or comes through theTV or that big movie screen...whatever that is, she has got it!

Hale McKay said...

Re your comments at my post:

I don't know about Prell - but they still make Ipana toothpaste.

David said...

hello from no where

Maria said...

A beautiful piece of sheet music and although I have not visited West Virginia I do know of its beauty.

I just priced airfares to three different summer destinations. They have sky-rocketed unbelievably, so guess I will be picking and choosing carefully. I do not think I will see West Virginia for awhile.

Buffy said...

Now..this makes ME homesick.

Words I never thought I'd say when I first left WV.

JoAnn Bass said...

I sang this song at Chamberlain Elementary in Kanawha County, WV back in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Found this:

W. Va. Education
Board Song Book
Twenty-three Thousand Copies Are Being Distributed
Among the Schools of That State
The Department of Education of the State of
West Virginia has just issued a "West Virginia
Song Book." This publication, containing 175
pages, was compiled under the direction of J. S.
Bonar, State Director of Teachers Institutes.
It is an unusually interesting work with many
constructive features which will have exceptional
value to the teacher and student and all
others interested in music.
Twenty-three thousand copies of this book
were distributed among the fifty-five counties
of the State of West Virginia, enough to supply
every teacher in every school of the State. The
publication contains well-known hymns and
songs, including the number "West Virginia,"
written by T. J. Honaker, clerk of the Board
of Public Works, Charleston, W. Va., and Harry

This is from