Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Signs of Spring....


Violets follow the daffodils and tulips in this small rock flower bed. It also had grape hyacinths, but the local deer must regard them as a delicacy, since they ate every one! Posted by Picasa


Maria said...

You are so right. We are all posting about Spring and I hope mother bird will come back for her nest and the two remaining eggs.

goldenlucyd said...

Am enjoying all the spring posts...your pics are great...loved the wistful kitty! I can't stand the feeling of being cooped-up either!
I'm thinking of the Mama bird too, Maria. Kenju is right...what artistry in creation.

Jamie Dawn said...

I enjoyed looking at the pics you posted.
We have several dogwoods on our property now, and I was thinking of posting a pic or two. They are so gorgeous.
How sad that yours having died out.
I've been noticing all the signs of sping lately, and it just makes me happy!!