Monday, April 24, 2006

Animal Kingdom

In this photo, I was trying to show the lions on the rocks. I hope when you click on them, you can see better. In the Animal Kingdom, you ride large vehicles that look like safari jeeps, and you drive through the "African Savannah" to spot many animals, such as Thompson's gazelles, cattle, rhinos, hippos, tigers, elephants, etc. I was trying to shoot pics in a moving vehicle, one that was pitching and weaving all the time.

I was unhappy when I saw the outcome of the second pic, as it was a precious scene of two baby elephants about to take a bath (or so the guide said). Here, it looks like there was only one, but there was a smaller one in front of the slightly older one.

The tiger was viewed from behind a window of very thick glass (for which I was thankful) thus the reflections, which were unavoidable. This was the first time I had seen a live tiger so closely, and it was a humbling experience. He was magnificent even while reclining, and his fur was so beautiful. His feet were massive, and his tail was so big it looked as though it could be used for a whip. I was sorry not to see his face, but he never looked in our direction.

The last photo is of some type of cattle, lying under a tree in the grass. He is just to the right of the large tree in the middle of the pic.

As you can see, Animal Kingdom is laid out as closely to the natural habitat of all the animals as possible. While we were there, the temperatures hovered around 90* each day, so I am sure the animals felt right at home.
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ET said...

Good pictures. And blur pictures usually capture the moment better than plain still pictures do - in my opinion.
Animal Kingdom must be new - or since about 1986 or 87 anyway.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wonderful...I LOVE that tiger...I've been up pretty close to a couple of Tigers at Shambaya here in is indeed humbling and awesome! I think they are one of the most beautiful animals in nature....well, along with about 50 others! (lol)

Weary Hag said...

First, I meant to say in my last comment on the previous post "Welcome Home!"

I never tire of animal photos and these are great! That tiger picture is lovely - looks like you could almost reach out and touch him (if you were crazy) :)

Jay said...

Aw, who doesn't love baby elephants?

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your trip.
Vacations are fun, and tiring. Pictures let you relive the memories.

Mildred Garfield said...

Thanks for taking me on a tour of Disney World, the easy way. I love being an armchair traveler.

Welcome Home